Agenda for Meeting 17th July 2017

You are hereby invited to attend a meeting of Upton Parish Council at 6pm on Monday 17th July 2017 in the village hall meeting room.

E Cooper, Clerk to Upton Parish Council, 12.7.17


  1. To note or receive apologies for absence.
  2. Waite, J Shelley
  3. To record declarations of interest from councillors regarding items on the agenda.
  4. To approve the minutes of the following meetings:-

– 20th March 2017

– AGM 22nd May 2017

Note:- Any changes to the minutes need to be agreed by vote.

Also see table of action points below.

  1. To hear Clerk’s Report
  • To discuss financial update
  • To discuss overview of work
  • To discuss information contained within clerk’s email dated 12th June refers.
  1. To hear representations from the public
  1. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
  2. Waite – written report
  1. To consider planning applications:-

P16/V0580/FUL – amendment no.1

Land adjacent & to the rear of the George & Dragon, Reading Rd, Upton. Engineering works – levelling north east area to provide training school/ménage (TBC).

  1. To agree conditions of use, plus update on the state of repair of the UPC marquee.
  2. To consider ways of reducing rubbish left on rec
  3. To agree remaining items to be published under Parish Council on village web site
  • Gifts & Grants
  • Risk Assessment
  • Assets Register
  1. To approve expenditure

Clerk expenses. Total for the period 13.6.17 – 17.7.17 £18.76

  1. To discuss current year audit and future internal audit
  2. AOB

Note:- No decisions can be made under AOB. This is for information only or items for the next meeting.

       Date of next meeting:-

       Monday 18th September 2017, 6pm in the village hall meeting room.

Meeting 20.3.17

Minute Ref

Action Who By Clrd / Cfwd
4 UPC vacancies – 2 individuals were named – RT/SF to spk individuals RT/SF  
7.2 Defib machine (note – action taken over by DR) RT  
7.7 Summer Town & Parish Forum

Wednesday 12th July 6-9pm in Wantage

RT said could possibly attend  
7.8 Go Active Gold – investigate any Upton involvement. EC  
7.9 Upton News Updates – ongoing EC Clrd
7.10 Emergency Contact for UPC – RT to send updated version to EC. RT  
7.11 UPC document storage file – bring up to date. EC Clrd
8.1 Reconciliation of cashbook to end of year. EC Clrd
8.2 Draft budget 17/18 EC Clrd
8.3 UPC pension arrangements SF Clrd
8.4 Transparency code – UPC web site updates

See agenda above for outstanding documents

8.5 UPC Councillors & Clerk training

EC to investigate courses

8.6 Internal audit – see agenda item above EC Clrd
8.7 AGM / APM meetings EC Clrd
9 Planning applications EC Clrd
10.3 Updated meeting timetable sent to all EC Clrd
AGM 22 May 2017 Action Who By When
5 New councillor courses? EC  
7 Copy of 2016 AGM mins to all cllrs EC  
9 Resurfacing pump track DR  
10.1 Annual governance statement – add minute ref to internal audit EC Clrd
10.2 Aims & objectives – copy to CP & web site EC Clrd
10.5ii Clerk to provide details of additional hours EC Clrd
10.5iii Clerk to supply information in support of revision of hours EC Clrd
10.6 Make accounts available on web site EC Clrd
10.7 Clerk to apply for training course (27/6) & renew Insurance. EC Clrd
10.8i Look into potential grants & consult villagers on potential new toddler play area. SF  
10.8ii Consultation re extending car park SF  
10.8iii To spk PCSO re speeding problems in village CP  
10.8iv Increased signage around village hall & rec. SF  
10.8v Spk B Rippon re CCTV SF  
10.8vi Defib DR  
12.1 Unauth dog training on rec CP Clrd
12.2 Spk John Lightfoot re classic car/bike event SF