Bake-Up has a Picnic

The fourth baking session was held in Rob and Chris Traynor’s garden with the theme of picnic food. It was nice to see a new face, Karen, who brought along a scrumptious game pie. Other delights included scotch eggs, sausage rolls, focaccia and soda bread, marinated chicken and more. Recipes were swapped, bellies were filled and a good deal of chat was had.

The theme for the next meet-up is ‘food from our holidays’. Frances is kindly hosting at The Old Forge (where High Street meets Church Street) at 11am on Friday 29 September.

If you can’t wait that long, there’ll be some Bake Up fun at the fete.

Bake Up isn’t an exclusive club – new faces (and food) are always welcome, so if you have a little spare time and fancy conjuring up something in your kitchen why not come along?