Blewbury Post Office Information

We are having some new equipment installed on 26th September, so we are expecting to be closed between 9am and 11.30am.

We will be CLOSED on Wednesday 25th October.

The last posting dates for surface Christmas mail are, 27th September to the Far East, Australia and New Zealand, mid-October for the Americas, Canada and Asia, and late October for Europe and BFPO’s, we have lots of leaflets, or information is available on the Royal Mail website.

New “Star Wars” stamps will be on sale on 11th October. New £10 notes have started to come in. The old style “round pound” coins cease to be legal tender on October 15th, we will still take them if you find any lurking in a jar!

Please note that we do not accept post after our official LAT, (Last Acceptance Time), this is 4.30pm or 11.30am on our half days, (although the official time given is 9.30am on half days), this is the time that our postman calls to collect, not the time we close.

The last 15 minutes of every day is very busy for us, we do like to leave on time, at 12 noon or 5pm, we don’t get paid any overtime whatsoever, so please don’t come in at the last minute with eleventy billion parcels!

Karen & Maggie