Bake Up completes its First Year

Our first year of baking and sharing has been great fun – thanks to a keen and growing band of bakers (also of waists).
Each meet-up has a theme so in 2017 we baked our way around the world, experimented with tarts, bread and cake, and picnicked and fêted. (Whoever hosts then picks the theme for the following meet-up.)
As well as the pleasure of tasting the entire banquet, there’s the chance to compare techniques and get ideas. Congrats, bakers, on your verve and versatility! And thanks to everyone who did hosting duty – the warm welcomes have been a really lovely aspect of the enterprise.
As a New Year special we’re meeting on a Wednesday so anyone not available on Fridays can attend. If that’s you, don’t hang back – all you need is to prepare some FINGER FOOD (Yvonne’s chosen theme) and come to Somerset House on Chilton Road – 11am on Wednesday 17 January. Thanks for hosting this one, Mary.
And don’t forget tupperware for the all-important divvy!