Stamps going up at the Post Office

Royal Mail are putting their prices up on Monday 26th March, 2p on a standard size 1st or 2nd class stamp, 3p on a large size, 5p up for a small parcel, any stamp that says 1st or 2nd on them will just revalue themselves, but any for Europe or the rest of the world will need extra pennies put on them.

Post Office Ltd have warned us of scammers pretending to be from TalkTalk or similar companies, who try to gain access to your computer and/or your bank accounts, and scam people out of large sums of money, please do not ever give out your bank details or pin number to anyone on the phone, and please do not give anyone permission to “remotely access” your computer (unless they are your family or a professional who you know!) If you get one of these calls, please ring 101 to report it.

We can accept cash withdrawals and deposits and cheque deposits for almost all banks now, just a few are lagging behind on the depositing side, no need to battle the potholes and car parks in town.

We have a few Duck Race tickets left, £1.25 each, you don’t need to be in the village on Easter Sunday, just leave your contact number, and Gill and Richard will keep your prize money safe until you return.

We will be closed on Good Friday 30th, Saturday 31st March, (my niece is 18!), Easter Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd of April I will be around, so for emergency top up for gas and electric, please ring my mobile 07825154842! We will also be closed on Friday afternoon 20th April and Saturday 21st, unless I can arrange for Maggie to cover, I have a “Girly Guide” activity weekend, I shall be whizzing down a zip line etc. hoping not to break anything.

Please be aware that there are naughty people around the area at the moment, so please lock all outbuildings and sheds, and report any suspicious vans, cars or people to 101 or 999.

Karen and Maggie