Canapés Demonstration for the Bake Up Group

Continuing our bid to cook the world, we were pleased to go Siamese for October’s lunch. The show kicked off with a beetroot soup followed by two very different Thai green curries, one without lime and the other one with. A tasty relish went with the lime version. There was also red fish curry, a Thai watermelon and a duck salad. Other textures and tastes came in the form of crab- and fish- cakes and some warm crunchy bread. It goes without saying that we had to have some jasmine rice to mop up all the scrummy juices. Very unusually, we only had one dessert – a sticky rice pudding.

Thanks to Yvonne for hosting and taking the time to write up the menu.

Next up is (drumroll please) our very first live cookery demonstration. Leiths-trained Ros Caffyn has kindly agreed to show us how to make a selection of canapés fit for the finest Christmas gathering Ros says her masterclass will be full of tips to help us get to grips with trickier techniques.

The demo will be followed by a ‘crowd-sourced’ Christmas smorgasbord.

Date and time: 30th November, 11.15am. Venue: Village Hall

Please let me know if you’d like to attend ( I’ll need a small contribution from everyone to cover hall hire and costs.