Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting Tuesday 11th February 2014

Attendees: Dr R Lott (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mr B Shaw, Mr R Traynor, Mrs A Hoy (clerk), 19 parishioners

1. Apologies None

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None registered

3. P14/V0164/HH Proposed Conservatory: 1 Church Corner Cottages Upton OX11 9HZ: Mr Fraser had spoken to the neighbours, none of whom had any objections. It was unanimously agreed to advise the Vale that there were no objections to this application. Clerk

4. P14/V0224/HH Proposed erection of new front porch, single storey side extension and single storey rear extension: Pointers Corner, Chilton Road, OX11 9JL: No objections had been received from the neighbour, although the applicant relayed concerns regarding light pollution from the recreation room and proximity to a septic tank for which building regulation should be observed. The applicant assured the Council that these matters would be considered carefully and proper procedures followed; he said he would look at ways of shielding the light from the recreation room. It was unanimously agreed to advise the Vale that there were no objections to this application. Clerk

5. Chilton Road – Options for Discussion (previously circulated): Dr Lott reported that he would be attending Cllr Lilly’s consultation meeting at OCC on 21st February and that it was important for Upton to put forward its preferred proposal so that it could be considered by OCC and Highways at this meeting; because of the shortness of time, it had not been possible to consult the whole village but efforts had been made via Upton News and this meeting to contact as many parishioners as possible, giving three alternative suggestions for Chilton Road, Option A, installation of a chicane; Option B, implementation of a one way system uphill only; Option C, road closure beyond the village limits to motor vehicles.

Dr Lott declared Open Forum so that the parishioners present could express their views. It was noted that various letters had been received from parishioners and also HarBUG, giving their views on the proposals. On a show of hands, two parishioners advised they were against the proposal to close Chilton Road, because this would seriously inconvenience farm vehicles at certain times of the year, and installation of a chicane would also be impassable by large farm vehicles so was not a viable option; the one way option would not be any use to long vehicles as they would be unable to negotiate the bend at the top of Chilton Road. Dr Lott responded by advising that Highways would be consulting all local landowners before any decision was taken to amend the road layout or use. However, one solution would be to close the road with gates, which could be opened to allow farm vehicles, together with a notice stating “Farm Vehicles only”. Cyclists and horse riders would continue to be able to use the road in both directions. This would also accommodate the need to use Chilton Road in the event of any temporary closure of the A417, as happened during the recent flooding.

Dr Lott explained that before any amendment was made to the junction, it would be necessary for Highways to improve Hagbourne Hill and it was his understanding that their intention was to straighten out the bends, widen and decrease the steepness of the road, and install a roundabout at the junction with the A417. This would have the added benefit of slowing traffic coming into Upton. Another parishioner had attended a recent meeting organized by Chilton Parish Council, where the transport authorities had agreed that Chilton Road ought to be closed because of the incidence of frequent accidents. A further concern was expressed that the Council and Highways might run out of money after the Chilton junction interchange work and not be able to afford improvements further down the road. Mr Fraser commented that the new interchange might initially decrease traffic on the A417 but the planned new housing developments would inevitably increase it. It was suggested that any improvements to Hagbourne Hill would lessen the strain on Chilton Road; discussion took place on the merits of dedicated cycle lanes at either side of Chilton Road but it was agreed the road was too narrow to allow this. Highways had already contacted HarBUG for their views. Further discussion ensued on the current dangers of speeding traffic to local residents, children walking down to the bus stop in Station Road, and commuting cyclists, on a narrow road without pavements. Another potential improvement would be to install a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Chilton Road and Station Road, across the A417.

Dr Lott then re-opened the meeting and summed up the discussion; he suggested advising OCC that the village of Upton had agreed to the option to close Chilton Road but only after the suggested improvements had been made to Hagbourne Hill, including a roundabout (or traffic lights) at its junction with the A417. He pointed out that all the concerned parishes would be present at the meeting on 21st and all their opinions would need to be taken into account, so the Upton desire to close Chilton Road might not be agreeable to neighbouring parishes, even though the additional mileage would only amount to 0.8m for a return journey. It was unanimously agreed to submit these proposals to OCC in time for the meeting on 21st February. Dr Lott to draft. RL

6. Upton Village Hall – Memorandum of Understanding: This document, having been previously circulated, was unanimously adopted by the Council and signed by the Chairman on behalf of UPC. Mrs Shaw agreed to have the document signed by Mrs J West, on behalf of UVHAT and the signed agreement would be kept with the official UPC documents. LS/Clerk

7. Cheques for signature: OALC Training Course, Chairmanship £78.00. Clerk was instructed to forward payment to OALC for this course. Clerk

Members of the public left the meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed.

Angela Hoy, Clerk
Tel: 01235 851726
13th February 2014