Minutes of Meeting 18th Sept. 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Upton Parish Council held at 6pm on Monday 18th September 2017 in the village hall meeting room.

Present:- Stuart Fraser (Chair/SF), Liz Cooper (Clerk/EC), Duncan Reid (DR), Stuart Norman (SN), Cllr Reg Waite

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received and accepted in advance from Carl Pettman and Karen Marshall

  1. Declarations of interest

None recorded.

  1. The following minutes were all approved and signed off by the Chair:-

– UPC 20th March 2017

– APM 26th April 2017

– UPCX 10th July 2017

– UPC 17th July 2017

– UPCX 24th August 2017

Note:-  The AGM minutes remain in draft form until the AGM in 2018.

  1. Clerk’s Report

The Clerk reported reconciled Income and Payments to 1.9.17 and the receipt of the second half of the precept on 7.9.17 in the amount of £4462.50.

The V5C document for the UPC mower (OW13 HNR) had been transferred in to the clerk’s name and address on behalf of UPC.

It was agreed that the clerk should attend a Transparency drop in event on 3.10.17 and if possible apply for Transparency funding to purchase a laptop, hard drive and scanner specifically for UPC use by the clerk.

  1. To hear representations from the public

Mr Bruce Robertson and Mr Stuart Robertson attended the meeting to consider the re-siting of the WW1 memorial plaques currently inside the old Methodist chapel.  They stated the removal and re-fixing should not be a problem and agreed to cover all costs in relation to the removal and re-fitting.  It was suggested the plaques be placed in the village hall.  It was explained that the request would need to be directed to UVHAT as they owned and managed the village hall. It was agreed that the PC would email both parties to aid introductions.

Bruce Robertson confirmed that the use of the chapel would not change, but consideration would be given to off road parking. 

  1. Reports from District & County Councillors

A report was received in advance from M Fox-Davies and is attached.

Cllr Reg Waite attended and highlighted the following from his report (attached):-

  • Comments can still be made online regarding the Didcot Garden Town plan. The lack of transport in to Didcot for people to access new facilities was highlighted.
  • Chairman’s Community Awards – applications are welcomed from and for anybody in the community and particularly for young people involved in sport and moving towards national level. Applications by mid-October for the award ceremony on 4th
  • Cllr Waite also highlighted two charities that he had chosen following his appointment as Chairman of the Vale of White Horse District Council in May. Details are attached.

DR to email Cllr Waite to request the District Planning Department agree a date for a meeting with the PC, neighbours of Wattle Farm along with the owner and Tenant.

  1. Report from the PCSO

A written report is attached.

  1. Current year audit and future internal audit

EC confirmed that all queries from BDO had been answered. EC to find out what the process will be for next year when only an internal audit is required. ACTION EC

  1. Defibrillator for the village

UPC’s thanks were expressed to Bruce Robertson & colleagues for their kind offer to provide a defibrillator machine.  DR would let them know when the PC was ready to receive the machine. It was agreed that the lowest of the 3 quotes for installation of the cabinet from Roberts Electrical should be pursued. DR to discuss the preferred installation point with Roberts Electrical and UVHAT. DR to forward the quote for the cabinet to EC. 

  1. UPC cloud storage & IT policy

It was agreed that EC to investigate if IT policy should be published on the web. DR and SF to look into cloud storage solutions.


  1. Update on this year’s RoSPA report

DR gave an update on the 18 minor issues within the play areas that needed remedial work and had a plan of action. He also asked for volunteers, in addition to the inspection volunteers, to help with this work (half a day in 3-4 weeks time).

SN agreed to check the Communities fund to see if this could cover the resurfacing of the pump track and/or new bark in the play area. ACTION SN

DR to look in to quotes for resurfacing of the pump track. ACTION DR

  1. Potential use of the Communities Fund in Upton

SN to look into applying for the Communities fund to potentially to use the money towards the cost of the resurfacing the pump track (see above).

  1. Improvements to the Upton Rec
  • Recreation Ground Rules

SF to send changes to EC. ACTION SF EC to bring up to date and publish new. ACTION EC

  • Signage

SF stated that only one sign (toddlers playground) needed replacing and he would be looking in to this.

  • Waste

SF was looking in to the provision of new recycling bins at the entrance to the rec, near the bus stop. ACTION SF

  • It was agreed to purchase a new salt box that will be placed near the bus shelter. The salt currently stored in the garage will be used to fill the new and existing salt boxes. This will stop the rusting and premature aging of machinery currently stored alongside the salt.  ACTION SF
  1. Outstanding documents for updating UPC element of village web site
  • Asset / Risk Register – DR to discuss with SN. ACTION DR/SN
  • Rec Ground Rules (see 13 above)
  • Document Storage details – further information to be sought under Transparency Guidelines. ACTION EC
  1. Future training for Clerk & Councillors
  • VAT training Wed 15th November – DR to attend.
  • Planning training Wed 13th December – EC to contact CP to see if would like to attend. ACTION EC
  1. Application for use of rec for Bike Night 2018 (10.7.18)

The council approved this. EC to confirm by email. ACTION EC.

  1. Expenditure

Expenses totalling £170.38 were approved covering:-

Clerk expenses for the period 18.7.17 to 18.9.17.

Rec ground maintenance expenses

Marquee & zip wire sundry repair expenses

  1. AOB

SF noted that a tree inspection on the rec needed to be carried out, following a report from SSE.

A letter was received from the Churchwardens of St Mary’s Church in Upton to seek the Parish Council’s views on proposed landscaping and tree works in Upton cemetery.

The PC concluded that the proposed works were very minor, and that they would greatly benefit the visual amenity of the area.  The PC therefore agreed to fully support the proposed landscaping works, as set out in the Churchwardens’ letter.

The meeting concluded at 8.15pm.

   Date of next meeting:-

   Monday 27th November 2017, 6pm in the village hall meeting room.