Agenda for Extraordinary Meeting 20th June 2018

You are hereby invited to attend an extraordinary meeting of Upton Parish Council at 7pm on Wednesday 20th June 2018 in the village hall meeting room.

E Cooper, Clerk to Upton Parish Council, 15.06.18


  1. To note or receive apologies for absence.
  2. To note any declarations of interest in the items on the agenda.
  3. To ratify the purchase and ownership of the modular stage system (purchased in April2017 & delivered in May 2017).
  4. To ratify invoice for tree work recently carried out (Ashdown Tree Management, £1500) paid online.
  5. UPC Annual audit:-

5.1 To complete checklist for Annual Return

5.2 To agree completion of annual return following internal audit

5.3 To agree to submission of Certificate of Exemption to external auditor

5.4 To agree to Period for the Exercise of Public Rights notification

Proposed period to commence Monday 25th June 2018 for a period of 30 days, ending on Monday 23rd July, thus incorporating the required first 10 days of July.

  1. To consider the following planning applications:-

6.1 P18/V1214/HH

Winterbourne, Stream Road, Upton. Proposed single story side & rear extensions. New roof construction to provide first floor accommodation.

Deadline 12noon on 21st June 2018

6.2 P18/V1321/HH

White Cottage, Fieldside, Upton. Proposed two storey extension.

Deadline 12 noon on 6th July 2018 

6.3 P18/V1354/HH

Fernwood, High Street, Upton. Creation of 2 box dormers at rear first floor, 3 box dormers at front first floor, replacement of plastic windows with wooden casements & raising of eves & ridge height by 800mm.

Deadline 12 noon on 6th July 2018

  1. Use of Upton rec by Didcot Health Centre on Friday 29th June (in conjunction with

village hall).

  1. To agree to the introduction of a ‘UPC Donation Receipt’ form.
  2. AOB

Note:- No decisions can be made under AOB. This is for information only or items for the next meeting.

      Date of next meeting:-

      Parish Council Meeting, Monday 16th July 2018, 7.00pm in the village hall meeting room.