Agenda for Meeting 17th September 2019

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Upton Parish Council at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th September 2019 in the village hall meeting room.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend.

E Cooper, Clerk to Upton Parish Council, 12.09.19


  1. To note or receive apologies for absence
  2. To note any declarations of interest in the items on the agenda
  3. To approve the minutes of the following meetings & note any matters arising:-

UPC AGM 14.5.19

UPC 23.07.19

Note:-  Any changes to the minutes need to be agreed by vote

  1. To hear a report from the County Councillor
  2. To hear a report from the District Councillor
  3. To hear representations from the public (15 mins max, 3 mins per person)
  4. 8.   To hear an update from Cllr Jo Fidgen on status of project work
  5. To report on outstanding actions carried forward from previous


No. Description When by
1. BH to review Clerk’s hourly rate following June meeting discussion September meet
2. IS to update draft process for play area and rec ground inspections September meet
3. EC to finalise signatory details for bank & action September meet
4. All councillors to consider Planning training course and arrange with Clerk September meet
5. BH to investigate with a view to revising UPCs IT set-up ASAP
6. BH to spk GdeW re new mower spec. ASAP
7. Rec ground signage discussion – all (details from SCF) Sept meeting
8. PMcL update on review & completion of the Annual Community Emergency Planning Survey Sept meeting



  1. To agree the council’s response to the following planning applications:-

10.1 P19/V2018/FUL Land off Hollow Way

Construction of a new digestate storage lagoon, perimeter soil bund, hard surface

turning pad and security fence.

Deadline 18.9.19

10.2 P19/V1960/HH Lattons, High Street, Upton

Conversion of existing residential garage/workshop into ancillary accommodation to

the main house.

Deadline extended to 18.9.19

10.3 P19/V1929/HH Gate House, Reading Road, Upton

Retrospective – erection of entrance gates with brickwork piers, erection of post

and rail fence, together with close boarded fence, alteration of ground levels,

reconfiguration of existing drive.

Deadline extended to 18.9.19

  1. 11. To receive an update on UPC Finances

11.1 To agree the following payments:-

Date Payee £
28.8.19, 28.9.19 Clerk’s salary SO Not publicly disclosed
17.9.19 Clerk’s expenses £17.50
July/Aug HMRC PAYE SO £86.00


Microsoft Office365 July & August DD @£3.80pm £7.60


11.2 Receipts

11.2.1 Uptonogood donation in the sum of £4342.26 on 2.8.19

11.2.2 HMRC VAT refund in the sum of £72.10 on 23.8.19

  11.2.3 The second half of the precept was received on 06.9.19 in the sum of £4688

11.2 To agree to a reconciliation sign off at bi-monthly meetings wef September 2019

11.3 To agree on who/how to deal with financial dealings previously carried out by Mr S

Norman (PAYE, VAT, Audit, Grant Applications)

  1. To hear an update on the Play Areas maintenance, upgrades and inspections
  2. To discuss a ‘rec regeneration plan’ following the APM & RoSPA report this year
  3. To hear an update of Defibrillator training
  4. To discuss the need for regular tree inspections
  5. To hear an update on potential Speed Watch activity in Upton

Date of next meeting:- Thursday 26th November 2019 at 7.30pm, in the meeting room of the Upton village hall.