Agenda for Meeting Tuesday 16th April 2019

You are hereby summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting of Upton Parish Council at 7pm on Tuesday 16th April 2019 in the village hall meeting room. Members of the press and public are welcome to attend.
E Cooper, Clerk to Upton Parish Council, 10.04.19

To note or receive apologies for absence.

To note any declarations of interest in the items on the agenda.
3. To consider the following planning applications:-
Prospect Cottage, Prospect Road, Upton.
Extension of fence to corner of Prospect Road/A417 (approx. 25 metres).
Deadline 12noon on 18h April 2019

4. To discuss the appointment of an internal auditor for the UPC accounts 2018/19.

Date of next meetings:-
Annual Parish Meeting, Monday 29th April, 7pm onwards, Upton Village Hall
Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 14th May, 7pm, in the meeting room of the Upton
village hall.