Agenda for the Meeting of Upton Parish Council to be held on Thursday 15th July 2021 in the village hall

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Upton Parish Council at 7.30pm on Thursday 15th July 2021. This meeting will be held in the village hall.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend. Please notify the Clerk at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting as numbers of attendees will be restricted.

E Cooper

Clerk to Upton Parish Council, 09.07.21



  1. To note or receive apologies for absence
  1. To note any declarations of interest in the items on the agenda
  1. To approve the minutes of the following meeting & note any matters arising: –

UPCX   02.06.21

Note: – Any changes to the minutes need to be agreed by vote

  1. To hear a report from the County Councillor
  1. To hear a report from the District Councillor
  1. To hear a report from the PCSO
  1. To hear representations from the public (15 mins max, 3 mins per person)
  1. To report on outstanding actions carried forward from previous meetings: –


No. Actions from meeting 02.06.21 By when
1. Clerk to submit all audit documentation. Actioned
2. Clerk to check ToR from Upton Nature Volunteer Group July
3. JR to write letter confirming UVHAT 5-year rolling underwriting for nature garden maintenance. July
4. Clerk to speak to Kompan. Actioned
5. Clerk to contact local firms re work on play mound ASAP
6. BS to issue rota forms ASAP
7. Clerk to comment on NT volunteer form Actioned
8. Clerk to comment on web site update protocols ASAP
9. Clerk to confirm ICO membership ASAP
10. BS/BH to review trees as described above 5.6.2 ASAP
11. PM/Clerk to look at signs for car park July
12. Council to agree on CPRE2050 response July
No. Actions from annual meeting When by
1. Clerk to upload annual reports to web site. Actioned
3. Clerk to look at new noticeboard & siting Actioned
No. Actions from previous meetings When by
1. PMcL to complete procedural documents for web site Ongoing


  1. To ratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications: –

9.1  To agree:-

None outstanding.

9.2 To ratify:-

9.2.1 OCC ref. MW.0072/21

Chilton recycling facility extension to 31.12.2032

Deadline 24.6.21

UPC no objections 25.06.21

9.3 To note planning permissions/withdrawals received since the last meeting:-

P21/V1186/FUL Skippetts Stables, Dene Hollow, Chilton planning permission1.7.21

P21/V1150/FUL Land to the west of Main Street, West Hagbourne application

withdrawn 29.5.21.


  1. To hear an update from the UVHAT representative


  1. To receive an update on UPC Finances and Administration

11.1 To hear an update on the budget for 2021/22

11.2 To hear an update on Lloyds Bank: –

As at 8.7.21 Treasurer’s Account £1793.72

As at 8.7.21 Business Bank Account £13,072.79

11.3  Receipts

Bank interest June 11p, July 11p

NFU Mutual refund (mower insurance) £122.89

11.4 To sign off bank reconciliation to date

Provided in advance of the meeting. To be signed at meeting.

11.5 To hear any other financial or administration updates

11.5.1 Correction of VAT reclaim errors

11.5.2 To ratify the decision made by email to donate £100 towards BBQ meats

(& meat free alternatives) for the Upton summer fete.

11.5.3 To discuss & agree on this year’s Councillor Priority Fund application

11.6 To agree the following payments & who to authorise: –


Date Payee £


Clerk’s salary SO

Inc additional hours (6 (June), (July tba) as agreed. [LGA1972 s112(2)]

Not publicly disclosed
09.07.21 Clerk’s expenses [LG(FPA)1963s5] £59.19
June/July HMRC PAYE SO (£83.40 June, £83.40 tbc July) £166.80
29.06.20, 29.07.21 Microsoft Office365 June/July DD @£3.80pm

[LGA1972 s111]

16.07.21 G De Wilde expenses [HA1980 s96]                                     £42.84
16.07.21 OALC Experienced Councillor course (BH) [LGA1972 s111]               £60.00
16.07.21 S Fraser expenses [HA1980 s96] £49.58
16.07.21 P McLaughlin expenses [LG(FP)A 1963 s5]               £57.78
16.07.21 Sustrans – 2 x benches refurb work [PCA 1957 ss1(1) & 7] £610.00
  TOTAL        £1063.79

+ Clerk’s salary above


  1. To hear an update on the recreation ground Play Areas

12.1 Toddler play area

To consider the installation of a fence/demarcation around the new play area

To consider the installation of a bench in this financial year & consider

requirements for future years.

12.2 Adventure play area

New zip wire seat required.

12.3 Pump Track

12.4 To discuss Kompan’s inspection report in light of their ‘likelihood vs severity’



  1. To hear an update on the maintenance of the recreation ground

13.1 Current maintenance of grounds

13.2 Current volunteer situation

To agree the final version of the Upton Parish Council Volunteer Form

13.3 Replacement fence


  1. To hear an update from BH on the Upton Nature Garden Volunteer Group


  1. To hear any update from PMcL on UPC IT


  1. To agree the content of the next council update for the online Upton News


  1. To agree the date of the next meeting(s)

Next full council meeting Thursday 16th September & 25th November 2021, both at


Venue TBC (note main hall booked by other party).