DRAFT Minutes of the virtual meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Thursday 26th November 2020.

Upton Parish Council 


DRAFT Minutes of the meeting of Upton Parish Council held at 7.00pm on Thursday 26th November 2020. This meeting was held via an e-conference system.


In attendance:- Cllr Ben Shaw (Chair/BS), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Cllrs Peter McLaughlin, David Beckles & Brendan Heneghan. County Cllr Mike Fox-Davies, District Cllr Sarah Medley. One member of the public.


  1. Apologies for absence



  1. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda

None declared.


  1. Approve the minutes of the following meeting & note any matters arising: –

UPC   17.09.20

UPCX   20.10.20

UPC unanimously agree to approve the previous minutes with no changes.


  1. Report from the County Councillor – see Appendix A below

Cllr MF-D highlighted the 20s Plenty Campaign, regarding the potential introduction of 20mph speed

limits in Oxfordshire villages.

The Chairman highlighted the Chilton Road closure notices came after the road was physically closed &

asked for better communication in future. He also requested better signage regarding the road closure

than there is at present. Cllr MF-D to look in to this.


  1. Report from the District Councillor – see Appendix B below.

Cllr SM highlighted the continues support for communities and businesses from the DC. Also

supermarket vouchers available via the CAB. BS to ensure this information communicated to the village.

Didcot Garden Town – BS confirmed he now represents Upton & Blewbury on the Resident Sounding


SM highlighted bids for climate emergency change initiatives deadline 11.1.21.

BS asked about grants for decarbonisation of public buildings. SM to supply more information if



  1. Representations from the public

A member of the public asked for the council’s help in the restoration of 2 benches in the

Upton parish on the Sustrans route. UPC agreed to consider the offer of a local artist to do the work and

to consider the price.


  1. Update from the Chair on the current community Covid-19 response in the village, inc.

WhatsApp help group

The Chairman confirmed he had joined the WhatsApp group & that it was still going strong. He also

confirmed that fortunately there was no one in the village in need of financial support. So further

support was going to people in Didcot.


  1. Outstanding actions from previous meetings & actions from this meeting: –


No. Action from this meeting When by
1. BS to ensure information on DC support & supermarket vouchers goes out to the village. ASAP
2. All to consider the remedial work on benches. Jan meeting
3. EC/BS to examine documents held in VH meeting room filing cabinet. Actioned.
  No. Actions from September Meeting When By
1. MF-D to see if more information is available on C-19 testing in the area following reports of problems from BH C’fwd Jan meeting
2. BS to obtain quote for remedial work on zip wire, chain cover & seat Cleared
3. BH to look in to benefits of two types of fence on the rec Cleared
4. Clerk to send historic documents found to date to BH. Cleared


  1. To ratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications: –

9.1  P20/V2094/FUL 3 Fieldside, Upton

Proposal to erect 2 storey building to side of existing property to offer 2 bed

accommodation. Inc parking space.

UPC objected to this consultation.

9.2 P20/V2138/HH Owlscote Barn, High St, Upton

P20/V2137/LB Owlscote Barn

Proposed demolition & rebuilding of existing outbuilding. Raising boundary

wall & building gable in brickwork.

UPC objected to these consultations.

9.3  P20/V2389/FUL Land off Hollow Way

Construction of new digestate storage lagoon, perimeter soil und, hard

surface turning pad & security fencing.

UPC objected to this consultation.

9.4 P20/V2773/LB Regularisation of unauthorised works to listed building known

as Owlscote Barn

Deadline 28.11.20

UPC objected to this consultation.

9.5 EC & BS agreed to start an examination of papers held in the filing cabinet in the meeting room of

the village hall, with the objective of removing planning papers that do not need to be kept and

uncovering any historical documentation.


  1. Update on UPC Finances and Administration

10.1 Outcome of Clerk’s appraisal

Regular weekly telecon with the Chairman.

Recognised time for CiLCA.

Highlighting importance of communications for response from councillors.

Discussions between councillors to take place ahead of meetings in order to come

to meetings with agreements, thereby reducing time spent in meetings.


10.2 Agree any remedial actions to the Clerk’s hours/hourly rate

10.2.1 Confidential – agreement on pay as agreed in performance review???

10.2.2 Clerks agreed working hours & days

The already agreed 20 hours per month would stand, & would primarily be

carried out on a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Additional hours up to 8 per month. Council

unanimously agreed.

10.3 Clerk’s new Job Description

The job description was unanimously agreed.

10.4 To agree the following payments: –


Date Payee £


Clerk’s salary SO

Inc additional hours (8) as agreed [LGA1972 s112(2)]

Not publicly disclosed
25.11.20 Clerk’s expenses [LG(FPA)1963s5] £0
Oct, Nov HMRC PAYE SO (£52.20pm – Oct, £46.00 Nov) £98.20
19.10.20, 19.11.20 Microsoft Office365 Sept & Oct DD @£3.80pm

[LGA1972 s111]

10.11.20 Royal British Legion Donation [LGA1972 s137]

Agreed by email, to be ratified.

12.11.20 Survey Monkey Response Fees [LGA1972 ss15(5)&34(5)] £200.00
  TOTAL        £505.80

+ Clerk’s salary above


10.5  Receipts

Bank interest October .11p, November .11p

10.6 To sign off bank reconciliation to date

Provided in advance of the meeting. To be physically signed at a later date

10.7 Update on UPC budgets

The Chairman explained the updated budget layout to the council. This was now more in keeping

with professional standards. Council unanimously agreed to move forward with this format in

principle. BS to produce final version for formal agreement at January’s meeting.

10.8 Any other financial or administration updates

10.8.1 Recreation ground fencing – BH confirmed following discussions with the owners of the

land adjoining the recreation ground, the conclusion is that they do not want people to

continue to trespass on their land & would welcome a fence on the rec. This therefore

needs to be formally accounted and planned for within the UPC budget. Council

unanimously agreed that future budget meetings should be conducted as standalone

meetings, with recommendations reported at the next full council meeting.

10.8.2 It was noted that the CC are reviewing the dog bin situation & are not currently installing

any new ones.


NOTE:- Council agreed to close the meeting at this point as it was 11pm.



All other agenda items were deferred to a continuation meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd December 2020.


Date of next full council meeting: –


Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7.30pm via an e-conference system






Oxfordshire update

As I am sure everyone is now aware, a four-week national lockdown has been introduced for

England, which ends on 2nd December. This move comes in the wake of rapidly rising

infection levels across the country and a significant rise in hospital admissions. More

information on the national restrictions and what it means can be found on

the government’s website.

What are the new restrictions?

  • People must stay at home unless they have a specific reason to leave, such as

education, childcare, and work which cannot be done from home.

  • Pubs, restaurants, and non-essential shops and businesses will have to close,

although hospitality venues can continue to provide takeaway and delivery services.

  • Schools, colleges, universities and early years settings can remain open.
  • People must not meet socially indoors or in a private garden with family or friends

who are not part of their household or support bubble.

  • People should reduce the number of journeys they make and avoid all but essential


  • People are allowed to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place with

members of their household or support bubble.

  • A maximum of two people from different households – excluding children under

school age – are allowed to meet outdoors for the purpose of exercise or to visit an

outdoor public place.

Detailed information about the new restrictions is available on the gov.uk website.

What public services will remain open?

Under the new national restrictions, a greater number of public services can remain open

than under the previous lockdown. This includes schools, colleges, and early years settings;

household waste recycling centres; and registrar’s offices. Public outdoor spaces including

parks, gardens and playgrounds will remain open. Outdoor markets will also be able to

continue, although trade will be limited to food and other essential items.

The overwhelming majority of Oxfordshire County Council’s services will still be delivered

without interruption. We will continue to provide care and support to vulnerable residents

through home visits and our community support services; and our formally organised

support groups that provide mutual aid or therapy will continue, with a maximum of 15


Our registration services will continue to provide birth registration and notices face to face in

COVID-secure offices, while death registration will continue by phone. However, weddings

and civil partnerships will be paused, in line with national guidance.




Upton Parish Council

Thursday 26th November 2020

Report from District Councillors

Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley

Coronavirus Update and Community Support

Councils providing vital community and business support through the second lockdown

The new national lockdown restrictions, in place from 5 November to 2 December mean:

  • You must work from home if you can
  • You should not socialise with people who are not from your household, indoors.
  • You may only meet with one person from another household and must stay outdoors
  • All non-essential shops to close, but may offer click and collect or delivery services.
  • Food stores, supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open
  • Hospitality businesses to close, but may offer take-away deliveries or click and collect (excluding alcohol)
  • Gyms, leisure centres and leisure venues like cinemas and museums to close
  • Schools, colleges and universities remain open

The council is very aware that the winter lockdown will be tough on some of our residents and businesses, but we’re

here for anybody who urgently needs our help.

The councils’ Community Hub, which has been up and running since the first lockdown in March, is on hand to

answer calls and emails from people struggling to access support and essentials during the lockdown and have

nobody else to turn to. The Community Hub can put people who need help getting essentials in contact with

community groups and volunteers providing doorstep support in their neighbourhoods. The councils also have some

practical support available for eligible people facing financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

This helps provide a vital lifeline to a way to access basics like food and prescriptions for those who are vulnerable or isolated, as well as a friendly voice at the end of the phone for those who need it. The message to anybody who is

unsure if they need help, or if they’re unsure if the councils can help, is if in doubt, get in touch! It can sometimes

take a day or two for support to reach people, so anybody who thinks they’ll be in need should not wait until they’ve run out of supplies before getting in touch.

To contact the Community Support Team:

call: 01235 422 600 Monday to Thursday 8.30-5pm and Fridays 8.30-4.30pm

email: communitysupport@southandvale.gov.uk

fill in an online form at: www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/communityhub

Remember, for the most up-to-date coronavirus information relating to district council support and any changes to services, please take a look at the dedicated Vale webpage for updates: www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/covid19

Business Support: the councils also provide a local support service for businesses in the districts worried about the impact the lockdown will have on their operations, providing helpful guidance and pointing them in the direction of the support that is available – see svbs.co.uk.

District council services: for the time being, the majority of our public-facing services are operating as normal. We will let you know if anything changes in the coming weeks. Regardless, the best way for people to access our services now, throughout the lockdown and beyond, is via our websites, which are also the best place to get the most up to date information on the pandemic and any impact it is having on our services: whitehorsedc.gov.uk . The council offices on Milton Park remain closed to the public, as they have been since March. Gyms and leisure centres are closed to the public (for more formation go to the Better UK website – better.org.uk), as are all community centres.