DRAFT Minutes of the virtual meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Thursday 23rd July 2020. Attendees:- Cllrs B Shaw (Chair/BS), P McLaughlin (PM), D Beckles (DB), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC)

  1. Apologies for absence 

     Cllr B Heneghan was not present. 

     County Councillor M Fox-Davies & District Councillors S Medley apologised in advance. 


2. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda 

     None declared. 


3. Approve the minutes of the following meetings & note any matters arising: -   

        UPC 21.05.20 

      UPCX 09.06.20 

      Council voted unanimously to accept both sets of minutes. 


4. Report from the County Councillor 

     Received in advance of the meeting and at Appendix A below. 


5. Report from the District Councillor 

      Received in advance of the meeting and at Appendix B below. 


6. Representations from the public  

      None present. 


7. Update on the community response to the Coronavirus & it’s impact on the village 

      No update was made available for the meeting.  

      The re-opening of plaareas was covered later in the agenda. 


  1. To report on outstanding actions carried forward from previous



No.  Action Points from this Meeting  When By 
1  Clerk to action storage/recycling/destroying of UPC held physical documents at the earliest opportunity.  TBA 
2  PM to issue draft ground plan of new toddler play area.  Actioned 
3  Clerk to contact JR re historic documentation hall for village hall & progress on village ‘welcome pack’.  September meeting 
4  Clerk to investigate potential costs of additional bins/black bags for collection of rubbish left on the rec.  Actioned 
5  Clerk to provide details of contractors for new toddler play area grounds work. 

BS to arrange site visits as appropriate. 



Pre Sept meeting 

6  BS to contact GDeW re ground work in old toddler play area.  ASAP 
7  BS to speak to volunteer group for reinstatement of regular play area inspections.  ASAP 
No.  Action Points from May Meeting  When by 
3  BS to start formulation of requirements for 5-year plan consultation  Actioned. 
No.  Action Points from March Meeting  When by 
2.  Clerk to look at adding Emergency Measures to the SOs.  Ongoing 
9.  BH to write para for Upton News for volunteers for Speedwatch. 

               BH to confirm if actioned ASAP. 

 No.  Action Points from previous meetings  When by 
BH to speak to Bob Lott regarding the pump track resurfacing & costs.       BH to confirm if actioned ASAP.  C’fwd from March 
BH to contact Cllr H Gascoigne for an update on tree records held by the DC.    BH to confirm if actioned ASAP  O/S 



  1. Toratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications:- 

      9.1 P19/V3305/HH Amendment no.2, Vale House, High Street Upton 

      Bat emergence & re-entry surveys 26.06.20. Email sent Planning 15.7.20 as no paperwork 

      details nor deadline received. In an email dated 23.7.20, Planning confirmed that no 

      response was required from Council to this application. 


  1. Update on UPC Financesand Administration

 10.1 Update on Lloyds bank account matters 

         Clerk had recently confirmed to council that Lloyds had accepted recent mandate & sent 

         out online banking instructions for new signatories. Lloyds had also confirmed a total of 

         £210 in compensation for their poor service over the past 12 months. 

 10.2 Other financial or administration updates  

              The clerk confirmed that CPF money had also been received in to the account on 

              8.7.20 of £1875. This fund is to help pay for ground work for the new toddler play area. 

 10.3 Agree the payments detailed in the table below. 

         Council unanimously agreed to all payments. BS proposed & council agreed that the 

         salary budget be increased by 10% with immediate effect, as pay agreements were still 






28.06.20, 28.07.20  Clerk’s salary SO 

[LGA1972 s112(2)] 

Not publicly disclosed 
23.07.20  Clerk’s expenses [LGA1972 s112(2)]  £79.59 
June, July  HMRC PAYE SO £44.80pm [LGA1972 s142]  £89.60 
19.06.20, 19.07.20  Microsoft Office365 June & July DD @£3.80pm 

[LGA1972 s111 

30.06.20  Hamey – Garage doors fitting 

[LGA1882 s8(1)(1)] 

13.07.20  Kalehurst full service [LGA1972 s137]  £179.00 
  TOTAL   £755.79 + Clerk’s salary SO above +* 


      10.4   Receipts 

                Bank interesJune .52p, July .57p                 

      10.5  To sign off bank reconciliation to date 

                Provided in advance of the meeting. To be physically signed at a later date 


       10.6   Agree a storage policy for council records 

                The council unanimously agreed the following:- 

      10.6.1 Historic records 

                 UPC historic records should be sent to the Oxford Historic Centre (OHC) as 

                 soon as practicable. 

      10.6.2 Planning records 

                 All paper planning records held should be recycled/destroyed as appropriate at 

                 the earliest opportunity. Clerk to gain permission to access the meeting room of 

                 the village hall. DB offered to assist in this task. 


      10.6.3 Other information held 

                 To remove to OHC, keep, recycle or destroy any other information held in 

                 accordance with OALCs list of documents. 


  1. Update on the recreation ground Play Areas  

       11.1 Toddler play area (old) 

        – risk assessment 

        – inspection 

        – remedial work 

        – signage 

        – ground clearance / mowing 

        – official re-opening 

        BS to open discussions with the volunteer group regarding the grounds work required in this 

        area, before inspections and risk assessments can be carried out. Play area to remain 

        closed until further notice. 

        11.2 Adventure play area 

         – risk assessment 

         – inspection 

         – remedial work 

         – signage 

         – official re-opening 

         An initial inspection was carried out on 23.7.20. PM to action minor repairs identified. When 

         these are complete, a risk assessment and further inspection are required. New signage was on order and the play area would be officially re-opened as soon as possible. 

         BS also speak to volunteer group regarding reinstatement of regular inspections. 


  1. Update on the maintenance of the recreation ground

       12.1 Grounds maintenance 

        Grounds maintenance of the main recreation area was ongoing. Consideration was also 

        given to the closing of the gate at night to prevent unsocial use of the rec after dark. BS  

        proposeclosure at 9pm and reopening at 7am and volunteered to be ‘gatekeeper’. Formal 

        notification will be made via Upton News in due course. 

       12.2 Replacement fence 

        The council has to date met with one contractor to inspect the area and give guidance on 

        the best replacement fencing with a guide price of £5k (for fencing alone). Installation & tree 

        work is also required.


       12.3 Litter / bins 

        A discussion took place as to whether to provide more bins and/or black bags for collection 

        of rubbish left on the rec. Clerk to investigate potential costs. 



  1. Update on the ‘rec regeneration plan’ 

      13.1 Toddler play area (new) 

       PM to issue draft ground plan of new toddler play area. BS to look at contractors for 

       ground work. Clerk to supply contractor details. 

      13.2 Pump track 

       Any planned works on hold pending further investigation in to upkeep costs. 

      13.3 Grounds maintenance contractor 

       Any additional help from outside contractors on hold pending talks with the volunteer group. 

      13.4 Any other areas requiring attention within the recreation area 

       All areas covered. 


  1. Update on car park extension project  

        This project has been on hold during the pandemic. However, further investigation work is 

        planned as to how many spaces could be gained from an extension & in what area, together 

        with cost estimates. This, together with play areas plans will be in a village-wide 

        questionnaire, currently being devised, for all to have their say.  


  1. Update on UPC IT 

       15.1 Village web site 

        PM to change ‘Contact Us’ element as this is currently going nowhere, also to introduce an 

        auto response. 

       15.2 Any other IT related update 



  1. Update on proposed Speed Watch activity in Upton  

       In the absence of BH no update was given. 

       Clerk confirmed that Blewbury Parish Council had purchased necessary equipment and 

       installed TVP speedwatch area signs at the entrance to the village. To confirm costs of TVP 

       signs to council. 


  1. Update on information gathered on the history of the rec & village hall 

       & any subsequent actions required  

       No update was given. Clerk to contact JR. 


  1. Discuss any required plan of action to:-

      18.1 Create a new fiveyear parish council plan 

              BS confirmed that the first draft of this plan was nearing completion & would be sent to 

              council for comment ASAP. 

      18.2 Revise the existing Parish Plan (last 2015/16) 

             This will be under consideration following the completion of the five-year plan and village- 

             wide consultation. 






The meeting concluded at 9pm. 


Date of next meeting:-  


Thursday 17th September 2020 at 7.30pm via an e-conference system 




Appendix A 




Over the past few weeks, we have been able to support the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions. This has meant residents have been able to visit their household waste recycling centres, schools have been able to accept more pupils, and town centres and high streets have been able to reopen. 

On 4 July much of the hospitality, culture and leisure sector will restart, albeit with social distancing in place. This will bring more challenges for many of our services. However planning for this is already well underway and we are confident we will be able to support this next phase of recovery. 

Libraries and registration offices 

We will be gradually reopening our libraries and registration offices during the coming weeks and months. We are planning a phased approach to the reopening of public buildings, with every precaution being taken to make sure this happens safely for our staff who will work in them and members of the public who visit them. 

Safety measures to support shoppers 

A host of safety measures are in place across Oxfordshire as non-essential shops continue to reopen safely. Government advice requires shops to display a poster in their entrance confirming they have read and implemented its “Five Steps to Safer Working Together”. This includes carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment and taking all reasonable steps to maintain a two-metre distance in the workplace. 

In the public realm, people will notice signage to remind them to socially distance and changes such as increased pavement space and one-way systems for pedestrians on narrow streets. We have been working closely with Oxfordshire’s five district councils and the city council to facilitate changes the to road network to help support our town centres to thrive once again. 

Oxfordshire County Council signs agreement for £218m with Homes England 

This sum of £218m (towards infrastructure costs of £234m) will deliver: 

  • Widening the A4130 from A34 Milton Interchange towards Didcot from single to dual


  • A new Science Bridge over the A4130, Great Western Railway Line and Milton Road

into the former Didcot A Power Station site; 

  • A new Didcot toCulham bridge between the A4130 and A415; and 
  • A Clifton Hampden bypass

The new infrastructure not only provides opportunities for sustainable travel along the new routes but enables traffic demand management measures to be implemented elsewhere to prioritise non-motorised traffic, where appropriate. Active travel by walking and cycling has been carefully planned into the schemes and each provides new opportunities to connect areas of employment and housing for those on foot and bike using existing public rights of way. 

Priority Fund 

I confirm we have processed Upton Parish Council’s Councillor Priority Fund 

application regarding the activity Re-siting & re-fitting of toddler play area and 

decommissioning of old toddler play area. 

I confirm the amount being paid is £1,875.00 


Appendix B 


Upton Parish Council – Thursday 23rd July 2020 

Report from District Councillors 

Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley 

It is still hard to believe how much things have changed in the past four months. Just as we had started to adapt to lockdown life, it seems that the Government are now easing the restrictions at pace. As we try and adapt to the “new normal”, we hope that you and your families are keeping well, staying safe and taking on the changing 

situation at a pace which suits you. We’re now looking ahead at a summer period without the usual village events that we all so enjoy – last year’s Upton Village Fete already seems like a distant memory! However, we hope that Upton residents are still able to make the most of the sunny weather over the next few months, by spending quality time with family and friends in a socially distant way. As the council itself is now also returning to a new kind of normal, we’ve decided to stop our regular coronavirus – focused updates and return to our monthly updates in the form of newsletter articles and parish council reports. We will of course continue to keep you updated on the council’s response to COVID-19 through these monthly updates, 

as well as on our dedicated councillor Facebook Page: Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley. As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any issues or concerns – our email addresses are 

hayleigh.gascoigne@whitehorsedc.gov.uk and sarah.medley@whitehorsedc.gov.uk. 

Coronavirus Update and Community Support 

Key messages from the Vale 


  • We’re all responsible for preventing local outbreaks and keeping Oxfordshire safe
  • Don’t let the virus spread – keep your distance, wash your hands, stay alert
  • Our safety is in our own hands
  • Lockdown may be easing, but don’t go easy on the virus
  • We’re at Alert Level 3, which means a COVID-19 epidemic is in general circulation


  • Businesses play an important role in keeping their staff and customers safe and helping prevent the spread

of the virus. 

  • We’re all responsible for preventing local outbreaks and keeping Oxfordshire safe.
  • We’re at Alert Level 3, which means a COVID-19 epidemic is in general circulation.

Community Hub still available 

To contact the Community Support Team call: 01235 422 600 


Lines are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. 

Both the council staff and community groups have responded positively to the challenges of this crisis to make sure our vulnerable residents receive the support they need. Amazing work is being done by the volunteer groups in our communities, including Upton, as well as the staff at the Vale who have done what they always do, which is pull together, be solution focussed and support each other. Whilst we don’t know how long the UK’s response to and recovery from COVID-19 will take, we do know it’s likely to be some time so the Vale of White Horse District Council is making some changes to its community hub services to make sure the response is sustainable over the coming months: Lines will now be open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.