Minutes of the meeting of Upton Parish Council at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd December 2020. This meeting was held via an e-conference system and was a continuation of the meeting held on Thursday 26thNovember. 

In attendance:- Cllr Ben Shaw (BS/Chair), Miss E Cooper (EC/Clerk), Cllrs Peter McLaughlin (PM) and David



  1. Apologies for absence 

Cllr B Heneghan was not present.


  1. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda  

None declared.


  1. Update on the recreation ground Play Areas  

3.1 Toddler play area

BS stated that estimates for the decommissioning of the old toddler play area and the

ground work & installation of a new toddler play area had been identified. Council

unanimously agreed that work should proceed with the company who had quoted and had

previously supplied play equipment for Upton.

Estimated costs in financial year 20/21 £8000.

Total estimated costs £14255 (ex VAT).

BS to contact contractor & authorise work.

3.2  Adventure play area

Play equipment identified as remaining under warranty. Quarterly inspections in place for 2021.

Clerk to obtain quote for new wood chippings in this area.

Council also agreed that the existing surface must be turned over prior to new chippings. Agreed to

schedule for Saturday 6th March (weather & volunteers dependent).

EC to speak to BH re. Supply of equipment needed for ground work.


  1. Updates on the maintenance of the recreation ground  

4.1 Grounds maintenance

The lead volunteer for grounds maintenance is no longer coordinating maintenance on the

recreation ground or around the village. A new volunteer list is being created which the council

hopes to see by the end of January.

4.2 Replacement fence

It has come to light that the council has a legal obligation to have a fence in place on the north-west

boundary of the recreation ground. Owners of the land adjoining the recreation ground are also

keen to stop trespassers on their land. This project will be pursued in early 2021.

4.3 Litter / bins

This matter is a part of the recent village-wide survey & results will be published in January.

4.4 Signage

This matter is a part of the recent village-wide survey & results will be published in January.

4.5 Wild flower area

A meeting had taken place to discuss this matter, or a ‘micro-woodland’ in place of the old toddler

play area. This will be subject to further discussion once the play area is fully decommissioned.


  1. Update from the Chair on the village survey   

5.1 Questionnaire via Upton News

109 responses had been received to the questionnaire & results will be published in


5.2 Next stage (Parish Plan)

A new Parish Plan will be formed from the results of the survey, with a current intention of

presenting a draft plan at this year’s Annual Parish Meeting (TBC).

  1. Update from Cllr PMcL on UPC IT  

6.1 Village web site

PM confirmed that both the updating  & compatibility  requirements were nearing completion with

an external contractor, in order to conform with web site accessibility legislation.

6.2 Any other IT related update

PM agreed to compile procedures for updating protocols on WordPress for the village web site.


7. Update from the EC & BS on information gathered on the history of the rec & village hall & any

     subsequent actions required

     EC reported that verbal & email requests had drawn a blank & that papers stored by the council would

be examined shortly & reported to council in January.


  1. To agree on the proposal for a new UPC Structure  

8.1 What we do on UPC

BS created a structure with councillor responsibilities & this was agreed by those present.

8.2 Internal emails and email structures going forwards

A system of highlighting the importance of emails & actions required was discussed & agreed by

those present.

8.3 Work Flow Tracker – Monday.com to help us communicate better and give confidence to progress


Council unanimously agreed that after investigation, this system would not suit needs.

8.4 Red Folder / Parish Council Bible – what is it and when can it be in place?

Clerk to arrange both an e-folder & physical folder, containing all key council documents &

processes. To present to council on completion.

8.5 Clerk weekly catch up with the Chairman

Agreed a weekly phone call of no more than one hour.


  1. To hear an explanation & proposal to investigate a Neighbourhood Plan

     BS explained the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan & was investigating the possibility for Upton.


  1. To agree UPC Aims & Objectives

       BS had issued the Aims & Objectives prior to the meeting & these were unanimously agreed by council.


  1. To agree UPC Strategic Plan

       BS had issued the Strategic Plan prior to the meeting & this was unanimously agreed by council.


  1. To agree a format for recruiting new councillors 

12.1 New Councillor Pack

EC had provided details of the content of the new councillor pack & this was accepted by council.

12.2 Recruiting new councillors

A potential new councillor was highlighted. EC to contact.

  1. To agree the content of the next council update for Upton News (January 2021) 

Council unanimously agreed PC content for next Upton News. Clerk to compile in conjunction with




Date of next meeting: –


Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7.30pm via an e-conference system



Action Points from this meeting
No.  Action  When By 
1. EC to compile next Upton News update (Jan 21) Actioned
2. EC to compile ‘red folder’ x 2 & present to council on completion Actioned
3. BS to contact Kompan & authorise start of new play area work December
4. EC to obtain quote for wood chippings January
5. EC to speak to BH re. equipment required for ground work on adventure play area January
6. PM to compile procedures for updating WordPress/web site January
7. EC to contact potential new councillor Actioned
8. BS/EC to report on historical papers stored by the council January