Chilton Road scheme; update from Sustrans

We are currently finalising our detailed design, which includes several modifications from the design proposed during the public consultation as a direct result of feedback received from Parish Council members and local residents:

  • Shortening of the shared use path on the south side of Chilton Road, so that cycles join the carriageway sooner and potential conflict with driveways is eliminated
  • Removal of the raised table and accompanying street light initially proposed on Chilton Rd
  • Removal of on-carriageway markings along the length of Chilton Road, e.g. 30 mph roundels and cycle symbols
  • Provision to ensure the lockable gate on Chilton Road is able to accommodate a 15 foot-wide combine harvester.

Click here for the General Arrangement drawing.

We are currently in discussions with OCC to identify the most appropriate delivery mechanism for the scheme. We hope to begin construction work in the early part of 2022.

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