Upton’s nearest cinema is the Didcot Cineworld.

For information on what’s showing and to book tickets, call 0871 220 8000 or go to the Didcot Cineworld web page.

What’s On

  • Captain Marvel

    Danvers (Larson) is a fighter with the Kree Starforce who finds herself on Earth, and encountering Agent Nick Fury (Jackson). The storyline doesn’t give Larson a lot of time to establish a persona, but her charm, style and ass-kicking make her Marvel’s coolest customer and whatever it lacks in heart, it makes up for with sheer likeability.

    29 Mar–4 Apr: Fri noon, 2.15pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm; Sat & Sun 11.15am, 2.15pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm; Mon 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.30pm; Tue & Wed 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm; Thu 2.15pm, 5.15pm & 8pm

  • A Dog's Way Home

    Bella (voiced by Howard) a pit bull mix, has plenty of adventures on her journey from New Mexico back to her own owner in Colorado. Simple, shamelessly manipulative fare for children of all ages, with a sunny disposition that reflects the heroine’s own genial outlook.

    30 Mar–31 Mar: (Kids) Sat & Sun 10.10am

  • Dumbo

    Tim Burton’s live-action/CGI remake of the Disney animation about an elephant who can fly.

    29 Mar–4 Apr: Fri & Sat 11.20am, 2pm, 3.20pm, 4.40pm, 6pm & 7.20pm; Sun 11.20am, 2pm, 3.20pm, 4.40pm & 7.20pm; Mon 2pm, 3.20pm, 6pm & 7.15pm; Tue & Wed 2pm, 3.20pm, 4.40pm, 6pm & 7.20pm; Thu 2pm, 3pm, 4.45pm, 5.45pm & 7.15pm

    29 Mar–4 Apr: (3D) Fri 12.40pm & 8.40pm; Sat & Sun 10am, 12.40pm & 8.40pm; Mon–Wed 8.40pm; Thu 8.20pm

    31 Mar: (Subtitled) Mon 4.45pm; Sun 6pm

  • Fighting with My Family

    Based on the true story of WWE champion Saraya-Jade Bevis, aka Paige (Pugh), following her journey from dismal Norwich via Florida boot camp to the stadium. Pugh and Lowden as her brother are good, but the innuendo is crude, the characterisation shallow and the attempt to depict Saraya’s rise as some kind of feminist revolution is unconvincing.

    29 Mar–3 Apr: Mon 3pm; Tue 3.30pm; Wed 4.15pm; Fri–Sun 3pm

  • Fisherman’s Friends

    Danny (Mays) is a music industry talent handler who arrives in Cornwall on a stag night, and discovers the titular (real-life) folk singers and signs them. Mays is a watchable lead and generates rom-com chemistry with Middleton, the daughter of the group’s grouchy Jim (Purefoy). An undemanding yarn with nevertheless the power to do some cockle-warming.

    29 Mar–4 Apr: Fri 11.30am, 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm; Sat 1pm, 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Sun 2.30pm, 5pm & 7.45pm; Mon 2.15pm, 5pm & 7.45pm; Tue & Wed 2.15pm & 7.45pm; Thu 2.30pm & 7.45pm

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

    Hiccup (voiced by Baruchel) is now a chief with growing responsibilities, while Toothless the dragon is in love; but then dragon hunter Grimmel (Abraham) is determined to spoil people’s fun. The franchise is running out of steam; there’s too much going on and the central bond is obscured.

    30 Mar–31 Mar: Sat 10.30am; Sun 11.45am

  • The Lego Movie

    Emmett (Pratt), a regular Lego construction worker, finds himself acclaimed as the ‘Special’, who will save the Lego universe from evil Lord Business. Fast, funny, blisteringly paced and hugely inventive, it’s also so layered with ironic detachment that the attempt at a sincere final act falls flat; still, good fun for adults and kids.

    30 Mar–31 Mar: Sat & Sun 12.30pm

  • Metropolitan Opera Live: Die Walküre

    The second in the quartet of operas making up Wagner’s Ring cycle. Conducted by Philippe Jordan.

    30 Mar: Sat 4pm

  • Pet Sematary

    A family learns of a cursed pet cemetery in this remake of the 1989 film, based on the Stephen King novel.

    1 Apr–4 Apr: Mon 8.15pm; Thu 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm & 8.30pm

  • Shazam!

    A 14-year-old can turn into an adult superhero by saying the magic word, Shazam!

    27 Mar: Wed 8pm

  • Us

    Adelaide (Nyong’o) and Gabe (Duke) arrive at their holiday home with their children, only to be confronted by a mysteriously familiar foursome. Peele’s follow up to Get Out is a neat twist on the home invasion story, with beautifully executed set pieces, and Nyong’o is phenomenal as both protagonist and chief aggressor. Fresh and arresting.

    29 Mar–4 Apr: Fri 11.45am, 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Sat 9.15pm; Sun 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Mon 5.45pm; Tue–Thu 5pm

  • What Men Want

    Ali (Henson) is a sports agent who can suddenly understand the thoughts of her male co-workers. It fails to make the most of the battle of the sexes premise, becoming a predictable rom-com, but Henson gives an impressively physical performance and Badu has fun as the wacky psychic who starts the whole debacle.

    26 Mar–28 Mar: Tue–Thu 2.15pm