Village Map

1 Alexander Close 2 Alexander Close 3 Alexander Close 4 Alexander Close 5 Alexander Close 3 Beeching Close Halt House Station House Trackside Larkfield Cherry Cottage Elms Rise Icknield House Jasmine Kameki Maslina Norton House The Paddock Pointers Corner Pointers Piece Pottengers Ravello Ridgewood Grange Somerset House Strathfield House 1 Church Corner 2 Church Corner Beech Lodge Chamfer House Church Cottage Chynoweth Minster House Netherbrook Old School Old School House Redwood House The Ridges St. Mary's Church Sine Nomine The Steading Toad Hall 1 Fieldside 2 Fieldside 3 Fieldside 4 Fieldside 5 Fieldside 6 Fieldside 7 Fieldside 8 Fieldside 9 Fieldside 10 Fieldside 11 Fieldside 12 Fieldside 13 Fieldside 14 Fieldside 15 Fieldside 16 Fieldside 17 Fieldside 18 Fieldside 19 Fieldside 20 Fieldside 21 Fieldside 22 Fieldside Elmsgate Fieldside Cottage Kent Cottage Lavender House Pentrose Pippins Tranquil White Cottage Athelstone Autumn Leaves Brookside The Cherries Fernwood Flett Cottage Hedgewell Karibu Lattons Littlecote The Manor House Manor Lawns Newlands The Old Forge The Orchard Orchard Lodge Owlscote Manor Farm Pencreeg Rose Cottage Ryecroft Sign of the Crown Sunny Bank Torpids Upton Fruit Farm Upton Fruit Farm Annexe Upton Manor Downleigh Dulcina Rowlands Sunnyside Thimbles Winterset Wychwood Braeside Rigiblick Woodmere Blue Cottage Collingwood Corderoys Shearbarn Cottage Prospect House Brooklands The Croft Downside Eventurer Hunters Moon Linnet Midway Prospect Cottage Tamerit Warwick Lodge Wattle Cottage The Cottage The Elms The Gate House George and Dragon Lodge Cottage Upton Lodge 1 Rowland Close 2 Rowland Close 3 Rowland Close Lonicera Methodist Church Mouse House Village Hall Barnacre The Briary Castell Cedarwood Conifers Cornerways Crossings Deveens Fir Donwyn Finches Hope House Mida Nettlebed Old Stream Cottage One The Crossings Orchard House Pentreen Pound Cottage Rosebank South Spring Spring Place Springside Stocks Stream Cottage Thisledome Well Cottage Willows Winterbourne