50s Club

The Upton 50 Club has for many years been an excellent fund raiser for the Village Hall. The Trustees are indebted to everyone in the Village who has kindly supported us

The Upton 50 Club is a private lottery operated under the terms of The Gambling Act 2005, in accordance with the rules for a Small Society Lottery, VWHDC Small Society Lottery Registration: SL0022.

By joining the Upton 50 Club, members can help to raise funds to ensure that Upton Village Hall remains open for everyone in our community, as well as having a chance to win a cash prize every month. All profits made by the Upton 50 Club will be used to support the development and maintenance of the Village Hall.

The Promoter is Lesley Shaw, Halt House, Beeching Close, Upton, OX11 9JR who is a current Upton Village Hall Amenities Trustee and member of the Management Committee.

Upton 50 Club Tickets can be obtained for a single payment of £10 for one Ticket Number by Cash or Cheque payable to Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust.

Each Ticket Number sold will be entered into twelve consecutive monthly draws for the subscription year which is April to March.

Draws will be held at the George & Dragon Public House Upton on the last Friday of each month in the presence of the Promoter or at least one other member of the UVHAT Committee (Draw Dates may be altered at the Promoters discretion).

Draws take place monthly for Cash Prizes. A minimum of 3 Cash Prizes will be available each month. Additional prizes will be available at the discretion of the Upton Village Hall Management Committees.

The total Prize Fund will be a minimum of 50% of the Upton 50 Club Ticket Sales.

Winners will be notified in person as soon as practical after each Draw has taken place.

We welcome new supporters who can obtain further information from the UVHAT 50 Club Treasurer Lesley Shaw on Tel 850308 or Mobile 07739047688 or go to the Village Hall website, click on Support Us and then on to 50s Club.

(Updated 27th April 2016)