Village Produce Association


All residents of the Blewbury and Upton Villages are automatic members of the VPA and there is no membership fee.

Tools for Hire (for a donation)

  • Fertiliser distributor, long arm pruner, garden roller, parrot-bill secateurs.
    Contact: Joyce Gilbert 850388
  • Gazebos, lawn scarifier and aerator, electric leaf vacuum
    Contact: Margaret Maytham 850364
  • Mantis Rotavator with other attachments and projector for presentations             Contact:  Karen Brooks 850219

Honorary Officers

President:   Mrs Joyce Gilbert
Officers & Committee

Chairman:  Karen Brooks 850219
Vice Chairman:   Malcolm Wright 850705
Secretary:   Chris Jarvis 851896
Treasurer:   Margaret Maytham 850216
Show Secretary:   Eileen Bracken 510095
Committee Members:  Vic Bowman,  Joanna Fielden,  Mary Gutfreund,   Angela Hoy,  Kieron Humphrey,

Show Schedules

Annual Show Schedules are available from Blewbury Post Office, Margaret Maytham and Eileen Bracken

(Updated 22nd April 2016)

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