Upton’s nearest cinema is the Didcot Cineworld.

For information on what’s showing and to book tickets, call 0871 220 8000 or go to the Didcot Cineworld web page.

What’s On

  • Aladdin

    Disney’s live-action version of 1992’s Aladdin features a fun, fast-talking and scene-stealing Smith and terrific work from Massoud and Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine, but against that there’s some weird VFX, odd directorial choices and a well-intentioned but clunky female empowerment number. Enjoyable and entertaining nevertheless.

    21 Jun–27 Jun: Fri 2pm, 5pm & 8pm; Sat & Sun 11am, 2pm, 5pm & 8pm; Mon–Wed 2pm, 5pm & 8pm; Thu 5pm & 8pm

  • Brightburn

    Brandon (Dunn) is a small boy born in a small Texas town who develops superhuman powers; unfortunately, he then uses them to terrorise the locals. Despite some eye-catching effects, it’s a tired and middling effort. Banks, who brings real intensity as Brandon’s mother, is wasted.

    19 Jun–20 Jun: Wed & Thu 8.45pm

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Long-awaited sequel to 2014’s Godzilla reboot.

    17 Jun–20 Jun: Mon & Tue 1.15pm & 8.45pm; Wed 1.30pm; Thu 1.45pm

  • Live from Shakespeare's Globe: The Merry Wives of Windsor

    Shakespeare’s English comedy performed live from the Globe.

    20 Jun: Thu 7.20pm

  • Men in Black: International

    Molly (T. Thompson) is a wannabe MIB agent who’s given a chance by Agent O (E. Thompson) and teamed up with golden boy Agent H (Hemsworth). It’s not so much that it’s bad, more that the franchise wasn’t much to begin with: here, a CGI-heavy story relies far too much on Hemsworth’s insouciant charm. A high-budget non-event.

    21 Jun–27 Jun: Fri noon, 3pm, 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Sat & Sun 12.15pm, 3pm, 5.45pm & 8.30pm; Mon–Thu 3pm, 5.45pm & 8.30pm

    17 Jun–20 Jun: (3D) Mon–Thu 5.40pm

  • Rocketman

    This Elton John biopic, exec-produced by its subject, could have been a vanity project, but it’s a fun and cute fantasy musical; Egerton as John as exuberant and sympathetic, and the framing device is sensible. Hardly revelatory, but Fletcher does a good job and sprinkles some inventiveness. Classic songbook helps.

    17 Jun–20 Jun: Mon–Thu 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm

  • RSC Live: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

    A live screening of The Merry Wives of Windsor from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon.

    20 Jun: Thu 7.20pm

  • The Secret Life of Pets 2

    Max (Oswalt) lives with owner Katie (Kemper) in apartment with other pets Gidget (Slate), Chloe (Bell) and Snowball (Hart); then Max becomes worried about Katie’s new baby Max. There’s not enough humour, charm or sense to win over parents, but kids will enjoy the vivid animation and animal antics.

    21 Jun–27 Jun: Mon 3.15pm; Tue & Wed 2.30pm; Thu 2pm; Fri 3.15pm; Sat & Sun 10am, 1pm & 3.15pm

  • Toy Story 4

    Woody (Hanks) joins new owner Bonnie at kindergarten where he finds a new purpose in protecting her improvised toy Forky (Hale). Pixar manages to further the story with fine new characters and a satisfyingly teary conclusion, for a fine last chapter in the saga.

    21 Jun–27 Jun: Fri 12.10pm, 1.20pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 5.10pm, 6.20pm & 7.40pm; Sat 10.50am, 12.10pm, 1.20pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 5.10pm, 6.20pm & 7.40pm; Sun 10.50am, 12.10pm, 1.20pm, 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 5.10pm & 7.40pm; Mon 2.40pm, 3.50pm, 6.20pm & 7.40pm; Tue–Thu 2.40pm…

    23 Jun: (Subtitled) Mon 5.10pm; Sun 6.20pm

  • Wonder Park

    June (Mali and Denski) is faced with being shipped off to math camp while her mother (Garner) seeks medical assistance; then she finds herself in a parallel universe where she has to save a theme park. An animated film with big ideas and some notable omissions, ultimately a slight but rewardingly bittersweet experience.

    22 Jun–23 Jun: (Kids) Sat & Sun 10am

  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    When Jean Grey (Turner) is involved in a space rescue that goes awry, her malevolent alter ego Dark Phoenix is let out of the box. There’s real heft to the plot and characterisation, and Turner lives up to her growing maturity, but then it’s like it runs out of time and ideas, relapsing into routine, effects-drive action.


    17 Jun–20 Jun: Mon & Tue 2.15pm, 5pm & 8pm; Wed 2.15pm & 5.15pm; Thu 3.15pm & 6pm

  • Yesterday

    After a worldwide power outage, struggling musician Jack Malik wakes up to discover that no one has ever heard of the Beatles. When he starts to play the band’s songs, he soon becomes a pop sensation in the eyes of the media and the adoring public.


    19 Jun: Wed 8pm