Recreation Ground Rules



Guidance and Rules of Use for Casual and Organised Activities

January 2016


Upton Parish Council wishes that the Recreation Ground be of benefit to parishioners and other members of the public alike.  It is committed to ensuring it shall remain an open space for the enjoyment of pastimes by the public and will not wilfully obstruct, deny or prevent such enjoyment unreasonably. It does reserve the right to act as it sees fit for the preservation of the Recreation Ground for the majority of the parishioners.

The Parish Council is open to suggestions, comments and advice from parishioners and welcomes such at Parish Council meetings, the dates of which are displayed on both the Parish Council notice board and village website


In this document the following terms will be used:

‘UPC’ means Upton Parish Council

‘Rec’ means Upton’s Recreation Field (Victoria Field) in its entirety including all equipment, fixtures and buildings, excluding the village hall and a perimeter distance of 1m from it over which UPC has no jurisdiction.

‘Play area(s)’ means the enclosed “old” playground behind the village hall and the “new” play equipment.

‘Casual Activity’ means any legal activity not requiring permission from UPC, as defined wherein.

‘Organised Activity’ means any legal activity that requires permission from UPC, as defined wherein.

‘Organiser’ means any person who has applied for permission from UPC to hold an Organized Activity.

‘User(s)’ is any person(s) using the Rec for either a Casual or Organised Activity.

General Rules

  1. Casual Activities as defined and specified wherein require no specific permission from UPC, only adherence to these general rules.
  2. Organised Activities are only permitted to take place if specific written permission is received from  UPC.
  3. All Users will make every effort to respect the Rec, the equipment and structures therein, and its environs.
  4. The Play Areas are designed for use by children. With regard to these areas the following should be noted
    • Small children should be supervised by an adult at all times ;
    • No dogs are permitted within the Play Areas;
    • No glass or alcohol should be taken into the Play Areas;
    • Consideration of neighbouring residents should be given at all times;
    • Any dangerous, damaged or misuse of the equipment should be reported immediately via the email address.
  5. Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a lead while any Organised Activity is taking place on the Rec or in the vicinity of children. Dog faeces must be collected by the owner immediately and may be deposited in the dog waste bins provided or taken home.
  6. Parking is only permitted for Casual Activities at the Rec. Organised Activities and any overnight parking requires special arrangement with UPC.
  7. Cars should park within the designated bays in the car park. Cars are parked at the Users risk.
  8. Users are requested to put their litter in the bins provided or take litter home with them in the event the bins are full.
  9. No structure, marquee, tent or similar may be erected without the permission of the PC. Temporary open sided/open fronted gazebos may be erected without permission but should be situated so as not to prevent other activities and must be dismantled on the day and not remain overnight.
  10. Only raised barbeques not less than half a metre above the ground may be used and must not be sited where they might cause a danger or nuisance to other Users. In particular they are not permitted on the football pitch, within Play Areas, on the Car Park, or within 6 metres of any boundary fence, building or tree.
  11. Camping is prohibited, except where connected to an Organised Activity in receipt of the required permission from UPC.
  12. The use of the Rec for Casual Activities is permitted only in so far as the User complies with relevant laws of the land applicable at the time.
  13. The PC reserves the right to disallow Casual Activities in any area of the Rec temporarily or permanently. It will act reasonably in exercising this right.

Health and Safety

  1. No User shall perform any action or permit any action to be performed that endangers the safety of other users or casual passers-by.
  2. The Parish Council will endeavour to keep the Rec (and Play Areas within) in a state fit for use by regular inspection.
  3. From time to time maintenance vehicles may be on the Rec. Care must be taken to avoid injury by approaching these vehicles or the areas in which maintenance work is being undertaken.
  4. The User undertakes to leave the Rec is in a safe state for others Users.
  5. From time to time there may be objects or materials on the Rec which are dangerous or in a dangerous state. Care must be taken to avoid injury by not using or approaching these objects. The danger must be reported via the email address as soon as possible.
  6. Dog walkers must make themselves aware of other Users on the Rec and take appropriate action to control animals in their charge. Faeces must be removed immediately to protect the health of other Users. Dogs are not permitted in the children’s play areas.


  1. UPC shall be responsible for the general maintenance of the Rec to include mowing, cutting back of vegetation and general repairs. This will be carried out by appointed volunteers or hired contractors at our discretion.
  2. UPC shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that the Rec is fit for the purpose intended.

Casual Activities


Casual Activities are what may be classed as informal recreational activities, normally undertaken in a park setting. The following is a list of typical casual activities which may take place on the Rec without specific consent from UPC:

  • All ball games with the strict exception of golf;
  • Frisbee, kite flying and other Children’s games;
  • Informal running, cycling, and the taking of exercise;
  • Picnics (BBQ restrictions apply);
  • Dog walking (not including dog training);

This list is not exhaustive and if any User wishes to query whether an activity not on the list constitutes Casual Activity they should contact UPC via


Casual Activities exclude any activity ran as a commercial venture. This includes sporting clubs where fees/subs or membership is/are paid and fundraising activities. Such activities are classified as Organised Activities and may only take place with permission from UPC (See Organised Activities below).

The Rec shall not be used for the following purposes:

  • Driving motorised vehicles (except by authorised Maintenance staff or Organisers);
  • Golf practice of any kind;
  • Bonfires or ground based barbecues;
  • Fireworks or Chinese Lanterns;
  • Flying of powered model aircraft of any kind;
  • Horse riding;
  • Shooting or archery;
  • Or any activity that is illegal or overtly dangerous or offensive to other Users.

Organised Activities


Organised Activities are any event organised for the provision of entertainment, sport, sale of goods or services. This would typically include any commercial venture, organised sporting activity, or fundraising event. Typical examples would include but are not limited to:

  • Car Boot Sale;
  • Fairground or Circus;
  • Football, Rugby, Cricket  or other Sports Club
  • Music concert;
  • Beer Festival;
  • Country Show or Fete;
  • Caravan Club;
  • Dog Training Classes;
  • Private parties or classes of any kind.

Applications for Use

  1. An initial enquiry for use of the Rec should be made to the Parish Clerk via the
  2. A detailed application for use should be submitted a minimum of eight weeks before use. Application forms are available from the Parish website or Clerk. A request made with less than eight weeks’ notice may be refused on grounds of insufficient notification.
  3. Such applications will be placed in front of UPC at the next council meeting. UPC reserves the right to make any further enquiries before granting or refusing the application.
  4. UPC will advise the applicant in writing of its decision through the Parish Clerk at the earliest opportunity.
  5. Applicants may be required to provide a deposit of up to £100 at the time the application is made. This will be held as security against any damage and/or expenses caused by the event and will be returned within 14 days after the event provided the Parish Council is satisfied that the Organiser has complied with all the obligations herein and no loss and/or damage has been occasioned as a result of the event.
  6. Applications from commercial ventures will be subject to a hire charge;
  7. Applications from fundraising/not for profit activities may be subject to a hire charge;
  8. Applications from Sporting clubs will be subject to pitch fees agreed with the club.

Organiser/User Responsibilities

UPC holds Public Liability insurance for the Recreation Ground land and casual use by the public. Organisers are responsible for the Public Liability of all matters connected with their Organised Activity.

  1. UPC strongly advise the Organiser to arrange for Special Events Public Liability Insurance. It reserves the right to request this for any event and where appropriate proof of Public Liability insurance will be required.
  2. A Risk Assessment must be carried out in writing and given to the Parish Council before the event.
  3. No charge may be made for entry to the Rec without prior permission of UPC.
  4. The general public may use the Rec and but not the pitch or other area authorised for use by the Organised Activity.
  5. If identified in the Risk Assessment, it is strongly advised that a First Aider be in attendance with means to call the Emergency Services.
  6. At least one Organiser must be present for the entire duration of the event and their names and contact details notified on the Application form. It is recommended that Organisers are clearly recognisable to other Users.
  7. The Organiser(s) must obtain the necessary public entertainment or liquor licence as may be required and have stewards where indicated as a term of the licence.
  8. The Organiser must liaise with the UVHAT regarding the use of the Village Hall, its services or facilities.
  9. The running of events is the responsibility of the Organiser who should ensure that they are adequately supervised.
  10. All Third Parties must have their own Public Liability insurance, for example: catering vans, fair rides, pony rides, bands and stalls. Proof of Public Liability insurance may be requested by the UPC. Bouncy Castles must be hired from someone with their own Public Liability insurance and comply with the requirements of the Public Liability, for example: height/weight restrictions, adult supervision.
  11. Should the event involve stallholders:
    • they must provide their names and addresses to the Organiser who will retain a list. This list must be provided to UPC on demand.
    • the Organiser must be fully aware of what goods are on sale at any time and if inappropriate the stallholder must be asked to leave immediately. Any such occurrence must be reported to the Clerk.
  12. No vehicles are allowed onto the grass without permission from the UPC.
  13. The Organiser must ensure unrestricted access for Emergency Vehicles to and from the Rec and neighbouring roads at all times.
  14. If there is a BBQ, then it must be sited in a position where people cannot walk into it, fire-fighting equipment must be in place (sand/water buckets) and it must be supervised whilst lit or hot.
  15. The Organiser must take every care that no damage is done to any part of the Rec including: trees, paths, buildings, fences, furniture, the Play Areas and football pitch.
  16. As far as is practicable, the Organiser will return the Rec in the state in which it was found, in particular to ensure that:
    • all litter and detritus is removed away from the Rec immediately after the event. It is not permitted to place any collection of litter in the litter bins on or near the Rec;
    • any damage to the Rec or the vegetation surrounding it will be made good or paid for such to be effected. Any damage and/or repair must be reported to the Clerk.
  17. Parking for the event should be controlled and marshalled.
  18. Organisers will ensure that all Health and Safety precautions as listed in this document are adhered to.


  1. Items left on the Rec, with or without the permission of UPC, are the sole responsibility of the owner. UPC is not responsible for any damage caused to or by the piece of equipment or item. Any third party using or tampering with the item/equipment without authority does so at their own risk.
  2. Should an Organiser have a query concerning the maintenance of the Rec before an event, UPC should be advised as soon as possible and definitely before the commencement of the event. UPC undertakes to make all reasonable efforts to put the matter right before the start of the event. The PC reserves the right to charge for maintenance/work required to the Rec in order to host an Organised Activity.
  3. UPC reserve the right to cancel an Organised Activity if the Rec is unfit for the intended use.


  1. Any failure to observe any of the above considerations will incur the loss of deposit or part thereof in order to make good any repairs and/or any other sanction that the PC may impose, including possible redress under law.
  2. Any such sanction shall be reasonable, fair and proportionate.
  3. Such sanction will be notified to the Organiser as soon as possible after the event. The Organiser and will be entitled to put forward an explanation before any sanctions are carried out. Any explanation will be considered by UPC and the final decision notified to the Organiser.
  4. The Parish Council reserves the right to update this document as appropriate.

The Clerk

Upton Parish Council