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  • History of St. Mary’s Church There has been a church in Upton since at least 1092, when it was recorded that the tithes were given to the Cluniac Priory of Bermondsey. Perhaps the present building is the actual church mentioned as some of its features suggest it could have been built at an even earlier date. Its simple structure has ...
  • Upton & Blewbury Signal Box Diagram We are indebted to Mr John Coles of Ashampstead, who owns an exact copy of the signal diagram from the Upton & Blewbury signal box of which he has provided a photograph. It is unknown whether the original diagram is still in existence – if you have any information please contact us. This diagram showed the ...
  • Didcot described in 1923 A description of Didcot in 1923 taken from A History of the County of Berkshire.
  • The Fry Herbals Collection The botanical book collection of Miss Sophy Fry, formerly of the Manor House, Upton.
  • The Fry Family Alex Fry recalls his memories of the Fry family, who lived at the Manor House from about 1890 until the middle of the twentieth century.
  • The Martin family of Upton and Blewbury Research into the history of the Martin family of Upton/Blewbury conducted by Donald Stubbs.
  • The Night that the Germans bombed Upton The story of the night of 9th March 1941 when a German Ju88 dropped incendiary devices and two 500lb bombs just outside Upton, fortunately without injury.
  • The Keep, Greenough and Butler families The lives of the Upton families of the Keeps, Greenoughs and Butlers, as described by Stephen Howe.
  • The Humfreys A note from the late Peter Humfrey regarding his great grandfather Nathaniel Humfrey.
  • The Railway The building of the Didcot to Newbury railway between August 1879 and 1882.
  • The Pilgrim family and Upton The Pilgrim family, who lived in Upton between 1923 and 1960.
  • Blast, there goes the bridge A newspaper account of the demolition of Upton railway bridge in the 1960s.
  • Query from Australia A request from Vern Butler in Australia, whose great grandfather was born in Upton in 1839.
  • Notes on Upton Notes from a talk given by Mr Maitland Underhill in 1971 on the ancient history of Upton.
  • In the Mercury Country An article about historic Upton from the Mercury Oxford Gazette, Newbury Herald and Berks County Paper, Saturday April 23rd 1955.
  • Richard Ludlow’s Day Book Excerpts from Richard Ludlow’s Day Book kept at Upton Village Smithy, 1790-1797.
  • End of the Line An article written by Geoffrey Bull following the last passenger service on the Didcot – Newbury line on 8th September, 1962.
  • Victorian Upton Notes of a lecture about life in the 19th century given by Mr Maitland Underhill at Upton in January 1973.
  • Upton in Profile Transcript of a BBC Radio Oxford broadcast in 1985 of Mrs Audrey Stone interviewed by John Simpson.
  • Manor House Survey 1969 Photographs and notes on the Manor House made in April 1969.
  • Old Upton A history of old Upton by Juliet Gardiner.
  • Upton in the Time of Typhus An analysis of newspaper reports into the typhus epidemic in Upton in 1846.
  • Upton Estate A transcript of the Particulars and Conditions of Sale of The Upton Estate, offered for sale by auction on August 8th, 1925.
  • Skeleton remains Remains of at least two skeletons were found during the excavation of the footings for the studio extension at Warwick Lodge, Prospect Road.
  • Inclosure Award 1759 Extract from the Inclosure Award 1759
  • Upton Fire of 1933 A serious fire on June 6th 1933 destroyed a number of the historic houses and farms in the centre of Upton.
  • English Heritage Photo Archive A number of photographs of old Upton can be found at the ViewFinder web site which presents a selection of images from the National Monuments Record’s collections.
  • Listed Buildings Eight Listed Buildings in Upton are shown on the National Heritage List for England.
  • The Upton Stream The stream is a delightful, clear chalk stream which, unusually for the “spring-line” villages, originates in the hills high up in the parish.
  • Typhus in the Village Upton was one of many Berkshire villages which succumbed to typhus fever in the year 1846 and it seems that twenty-four people died here.
  • The Railway Navvies Work started on the Didcot/ Newbury stretch of the new railway in 1878, with the arrival of the navvies being recorded by the rector, the Rev Richard Hooper, in his parish diary.
  • The Old Manor Farm The Old Manor Farm was a fine, timber-framed house, probably built at the end of the 16th century, which stood at the bottom of the garden of what is now known as Corderoys in Pound Lane.
  • Gwen Greenough The life of Gwen Greenough, the last of her family to live in Upton.
  • Upton Inclosure Award The Upton Inclosure Award for the village of Upton, Berkshire is amongst the earliest in the country; having been made in the thirty second year of the reign of George II (1759).
  • Parish Archives Details of parish records deposited in the Oxfordshire Records Office or stored in the Parish Records Box in the Village Hall.
  • The Manor of Upton History of the Manor of Upton.
  • Auction of the Humpreys’ Estate Record of the sale of the Humphrey’s estate which was put up for auction in August 1825 by the auctioneers Simmons and Sons.
  • Upton in the Nineteenth Century Snippets of life in Upton in the 19th century.
  • Upton – The early days Upton in the Middle Ages.
  • Upton School A brief history of Upton School, 1863-1971.
  • Upton Jottings 1930 – 1974 A compilation of research notes taken from the Parish and Church records, Newspaper and Village Newsletters, and a pamphlet written by Elsa Wilkins entitled “50 Years of Upton”.