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  • Upton & Blewbury Signal Box Diagram We are indebted to Mr John Coles of Ashampstead, who owns an exact copy of the signal diagram from the Upton & Blewbury signal box of which he has provided a photograph. It is unknown whether the original diagram is still in existence – if you have any information please contact us. This diagram showed the ...
  • Didcot described in 1923 A description of Didcot in 1923 taken from A History of the County of Berkshire.
  • The Fry Herbals Collection The botanical book collection of Miss Sophy Fry, formerly of the Manor House, Upton.
  • The Fry Family Alex Fry recalls his memories of the Fry family, who lived at the Manor House from about 1890 until the middle of the twentieth century.
  • The Martin family of Upton and Blewbury Research into the history of the Martin family of Upton/Blewbury conducted by Donald Stubbs.
  • The Night that the Germans bombed Upton The story of the night of 9th March 1941 when a German Ju88 dropped incendiary devices and two 500lb bombs just outside Upton, fortunately without injury.
  • The Keep, Greenough and Butler families The lives of the Upton families of the Keeps, Greenoughs and Butlers, as described by Stephen Howe.
  • The Humfreys A note from the late Peter Humfrey regarding his great grandfather Nathaniel Humfrey.
  • The Railway The building of the Didcot to Newbury railway between August 1879 and 1882.
  • The Pilgrim family and Upton The Pilgrim family, who lived in Upton between 1923 and 1960.
  • Blast, there goes the bridge A newspaper account of the demolition of Upton railway bridge in the 1960s.
  • Query from Australia A request from Vern Butler in Australia, whose great grandfather was born in Upton in 1839.
  • Notes on Upton Notes from a talk given by Mr Maitland Underhill in 1971 on the ancient history of Upton.
  • In the Mercury Country An article about historic Upton from the Mercury Oxford Gazette, Newbury Herald and Berks County Paper, Saturday April 23rd 1955.
  • Richard Ludlow’s Day Book Excerpts from Richard Ludlow’s Day Book kept at Upton Village Smithy, 1790-1797.
  • End of the Line An article written by Geoffrey Bull following the last passenger service on the Didcot – Newbury line on 8th September, 1962.
  • Victorian Upton Notes of a lecture about life in the 19th century given by Mr Maitland Underhill at Upton in January 1973.
  • Upton in Profile Transcript of a BBC Radio Oxford broadcast in 1985 of Mrs Audrey Stone interviewed by John Simpson.
  • Manor House Survey 1969 Photographs and notes on the Manor House made in April 1969.
  • Old Upton A history of old Upton by Juliet Gardiner.
  • Upton in the Time of Typhus An analysis of newspaper reports into the typhus epidemic in Upton in 1846.
  • Upton Estate A transcript of the Particulars and Conditions of Sale of The Upton Estate, offered for sale by auction on August 8th, 1925.
  • Skeleton remains Remains of at least two skeletons were found during the excavation of the footings for the studio extension at Warwick Lodge, Prospect Road.
  • Inclosure Award 1759 Extract from the Inclosure Award 1759
  • Upton Fire of 1933 A serious fire on June 6th 1933 destroyed a number of the historic houses and farms in the centre of Upton.
  • English Heritage Photo Archive A number of photographs of old Upton can be found at the ViewFinder web site which presents a selection of images from the National Monuments Record’s collections.
  • Listed Buildings Eight Listed Buildings in Upton are shown on the National Heritage List for England.
  • The Upton Stream The stream is a delightful, clear chalk stream which, unusually for the “spring-line” villages, originates in the hills high up in the parish.
  • Typhus in the Village Upton was one of many Berkshire villages which succumbed to typhus fever in the year 1846 and it seems that twenty-four people died here.
  • The Railway Navvies Work started on the Didcot/ Newbury stretch of the new railway in 1878, with the arrival of the navvies being recorded by the rector, the Rev Richard Hooper, in his parish diary.
  • The Old Manor Farm The Old Manor Farm was a fine, timber-framed house, probably built at the end of the 16th century, which stood at the bottom of the garden of what is now known as Corderoys in Pound Lane.
  • Gwen Greenough The life of Gwen Greenough, the last of her family to live in Upton.
  • Upton Inclosure Award The Upton Inclosure Award for the village of Upton, Berkshire is amongst the earliest in the country; having been made in the thirty second year of the reign of George II (1759).
  • Parish Archives Details of parish records deposited in the Oxfordshire Records Office or stored in the Parish Records Box in the Village Hall.
  • The Manor of Upton History of the Manor of Upton.
  • Auction of the Humpreys’ Estate Record of the sale of the Humphrey’s estate which was put up for auction in August 1825 by the auctioneers Simmons and Sons.
  • Upton in the Nineteenth Century Snippets of life in Upton in the 19th century.
  • Upton – The early days Upton in the Middle Ages.
  • Upton School A brief history of Upton School, 1863-1971.
  • Upton Jottings 1930 – 1974 A compilation of research notes taken from the Parish and Church records, Newspaper and Village Newsletters, and a pamphlet written by Elsa Wilkins entitled “50 Years of Upton”.