The Old Manor Farm

This stood at the bottom of the garden of what is now known as Corderoys in Pound Lane.

It was a fine, timber-framed house, probably built ¬†at the end of the 16th century, with its farmyard surrounded ancient barns and outhouses. From here the manor lands would have been farmed over the years tenant or bailiff farmers for the Lord of the Manor of Upton. The Phillips family of Culham owned manor for over a hundred years, but in 1872 John Shawe Phillips had to sell up his landholdings and the estate (over 500 acres) passed to Nathaniel Humfrey, a very successful farmer in Upton who already owned a considerable amount of land in parish. From this time the farm was known Humfrey’s Middle Farm, and was run by bailiffs for the new landlord. The late Gwen Greenough remembered George Simpson and his wife who lived there when she was young. A later bailiff was Lelius Corderoy, who lived and farmed in Blewbury. The house was therefore uninhabited when it burned down in the disastrous fire which destroyed the great central farms in the village in 1933. The present Manor House was associated with the Manor of Upton but was almost certainly part of another manor in the parish.