The Humfreys

Peter Humfrey has contacted us having found the web site while researching the history of the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway and the station.

Peter suspects that the Joseph Pomfrey referred to in the Inclosure Award might actually be Joseph Humfrey, one of his ancestors.

Nathaniel Humfrey

Nathaniel Humfrey

In 1841 Peter’s great grandfather Nathaniel had a farm of about 250 acres, and by 1881 owned 1355 acres. He even created a new breed of sheep, suited to conditions on the nearby Downs. The railway company bought land from Nathaniel in 1863 who ensured that the station would be in Upton and not in Chilton! He built Upton Lodge in about 1870 and moved there from the Manor House. Nathaniel’s sisters Blanche and Mercy moved to The Elms (newly built) and were joined there in 1943 by Flora – who left Stocks the day Harry Slade died in 1943 and never went back. Peter and his father Ewan were the first to re-enter the house nearly 20 years later, and found that breakfast was still on the table! Peter’s grandparents lived in the old Brookside.

You can find photographs of the Humfreys which Peter has kindly provided in the photo galleries under People and Old Upton.