Parish Plan 2005

All of us who live in Upton can think of aspects of our village that we value and would like to preserve, and other features that we would like to change or improve in some way. And we all deserve an equal say in the future of our village.

Recognising this, the Parish Council supported the creation of a Parish Plan in 2005 in order to establish what we want and how to achieve it.

This Parish Plan is intended to:

  • Reflect the views of all interested residents
  • Identify features and characteristics of Upton that we value
  • Identify opportunities and threats relevant to our village
  • Document how we want Upton to develop in the future

Most importantly, the Parish Plan sets out an Action Plan. This encompasses actions that we can undertake to make life in Upton even better, and further actions that will need the assistance of outside bodies or authorities.

The process of creating this Parish Plan has been truly inclusive, and could not have been achieved without the hard work and support of many people within Upton. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked on or supported the Steering Group and assorted Working Groups. We are also grateful to the Parish Council, the Countryside Agency and the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council for financial support, encouragement and advice.

Of course, this is not the end of the process. There is still much to be done – our Parish Plan will only be useful if it is used as a basis for action. We should expect our Parish Council and other village bodies to refer to this plan, and to implement its recommendations. In return, we owe them our support and our appreciation.

Download the Parish Plan 2005 (PDF)