Charles Bernard Aldridge

23.11.1913 – 07.01.2006

As our dad was one of the oldest inhabitants of Upton, Pauline and I thought an epitaph in the Upton News would be appropriate. Charlie, as he was known by most people, was one of three brothers born and brought up in Blewbury. He moved to Upton in May 1939 after his marriage to our mother Grace. He was called up for war service in December 1939 and served in the 8th Army until severe back injuries, sustained in a train crash in Italy, brought him home permanently just before the war ended. Pauline was born in May 1946 and I followed ten years later in March 1956. Dad always had a great love of music and played the cornet regularly in Cholsey Silver Band, often taking part in concerts. He would love to entertain everyone at the slightest opportunity with his enthusiastic harmonica playing, whether people wanted to listen or not!! He was also a member of Blewbury Bellringers at St. Michael’s for many years. Sadly our mother Grace passed away in February 1982, without having the pleasure of seeing her grandchildren grow and develop into the fine young people they have become.

Dad continued to live alone for the rest of his life, taking care of himself and his home with very little supervision. His garden was his pride and joy, all vegetables were grown in regimented rows with labels indicating their whereabouts. He always seemed Charles Bernard Aldridge to grow enough produce to feed the whole village and would send visitors away with huge bags of wonderful goodies!! He was always immaculate in his appearance and was a familiar sight in the village wearing his trilby hat and pulling along his shopping trolley which would be bursting at the seams after his weekly shopping trip to Didcot on the bus.

Unfortunately, after breaking an arm in a very bad fall in March 2005, which required surgery and several weeks in hospital, dad became very reclusive and increasingly frail. Regular care was provided at home, allowing him to retain his independence until he passed away on 7 January.

He was a very dear father to both of us, a kind and affectionate grandfather to Carol, Lynsey, Ben and Felicity, always taking an interest in their lives and delighted by the mischief and antics of his two little greatgrandaughters, Eden and Brooke.

Dad’s funeral took place on 18th January and we were all extremely touched to see so many in attendance. The service was not so much a funeral but a celebration of his life, conducted by Rev. Louise Butler. We would also like to thank everyone for their kind and generous donations to Little Foxes Wildlife Care. Dad lived in the country all his life and would have been delighted to see money being used to help such a worthy cause.

Unity Amos