Erica Schumacher

Erica Schumacher (1912-2007) – A long life well lived

Erica, how we admired her mental and physical agility while acknowleging her age never thinking of her as old.

To quote a member of her family, Erica was a remarkable and in most ways admirable person. She was above all an adventurer but paradoxically she combined a good measure of rebellion with extreme conformity. She was determinedly independent, yet obsessivlely aware of social status. In quick order she could leave you gaping incredulously at the vehemence of her opinions; fill you with admiration for her intelligence, honesty and determination or drive you to distraction by her readiness to judge and criticize – frequently unfairly. She had lived life to the full and she had a very strong sense of her own place in this universe. She had little time and patience for what she considered to be trivial or irrelevant to her life. Like any true adventurer she suffered many setbacks but had the mental resilience and strength to overcome the immediate obtacles, to re-ground herself and to fulfil any obligations accrued along the way. True to the rest of her life she left us on June 29th in her own place and on her own terms. We have been enriched and stimulated by her presence. She will be a hard act to follow.