Our Holiday

We want to tell you about our holiday.


We went camping to Brittany, in France in Susiebob our
camper van. We went on a ferry, which was good because we watched a film and
played in the play area. We had to drive a lot!!
We fed the cows at the campsite. We fed the geese and the chickens and the
pigs. We had a tractor ride and went to the playground every day and they had a
lovely tree camp. We could buy milk at the campsite, that we saw them milking,
and really lovely apple juice and croissants. In France we ate Crepes (pancakes)
and Frites (chips) a lot.

We went to Oceanopolis, a big aquarium in Brest and saw
sharks, sawfish, starfish, jellyfish, eels in tubes and eels that popped up out
of the sand. We touched sea cucumbers and sea urchins, which were prickly. We
touched starfish and some were prickly and some were furry and some were not.
We saw some seals and spider crabs and penguins. And we went in a lift that
went underwater. And we had ice creams on sticks.

We liked the beaches, making really big sandcastles that
we decorated with seaweed and pebbles and shells and then we watched the sea
come into the moats. We did races on the beach and caught sand fleas. And we
saw a jellyfish on the beach. We had a lovely time even though it rained a lot.


Please tell us about your holiday or a day trip you’ve
been on that was good.

Billy (5), Stanley (4) and Daisy (1)