Parish Council Plan 2009-10

Aims and Objectives


  • To produce clear and concise finance documents that set adequate budgets and that together with the council’s financial regulations will strictly control all financial transactions.


  • To seek out advantageous training courses and spend a reasonable sum on improving the skills and knowledge of both councillors and clerk.


  • Seek to maintain the village character and balance, whilst assisting parishioners who wish to develop or improve their properties.


  • Continue to provide all possible support for the village hall extension
  • Establish and maintain a grass cutting rota for the recreation ground and playground.
  • Carry out monthly safety inspections and obtain an annual ROSPA report on the playground and where it is practical implement any recommendations
  • Install a hard playing surface for one side of the recreation ground ball wall


  • To do all possible to maintain the present level of Bus service.

Roads and Footpaths

  • To continue to work with the County Highways Dept to ensure that the roads in the parish are well maintained and as safe as possible. Present project to agree a program of speed reduction work for the bottom end of Chilton Road.
  • Ensure that footpaths and bridleways in the parish are adequately maintained. Discuss with the County Council the possibility of the Parish Council taking responsibility for maintaining all footpaths in the parish.
  • Investigate possibly ways of allowing the school children from Upton to cycle to school in Blewbury.


  • Achieve and retain a full compliment of Parish councillors.
  • Encourage all parishioners to keep the parish clean and tidy and to organise an annual litter pick.