Parish Council Plan 2010-11

Upton Parish Council Aims and Objectives 2010 -2011


  • Produce clear and concise documents that set adequate budgets. The budgets together with the council’s financial regulations will strictly control all financial transactions.


  • Encourage the development of all councillors and clerks through appropriate training, experience and succession management.


  • Strive to maintain the village character, whilst balancing improvements with the requirements of a rural village.


  • Continue to support UVHAT in the on going improvement of the village hall
  • Improve and extend the parking facilities for the village hall in conjunction with UVHAT
  • Maintain the grass cutting rota for the recreation ground and playground
  • Carry out routine safety inspections of the playground
  • Establish a working group to acquire funding for and develop a new play ground
  • Create a bicycle jumps cycle track to one side of the recreation ground
  • Continue to identify projects, support and work with the volunteer group relating to improvement and maintenance of communal village areas


  • Strive to maintain the current bus service levels and local transport infrastructures
  • Support the First Responders group where possible.
  • Support the George and Dragon Public House where possible.

Roads and Footpaths:

  • Enter into a contract with OCC for the grass cutting of village footpaths and maintain a rota for the grass cutting of the footpaths
  • Continue to work with the Highways Dept to ensure the roads in the Parish are well maintained and as safe as possible
  • Continue efforts to establish an improved footpath or cycle route to Blewbury which satisfies the requirements of all interested parties.

Youth and Clubs:

  • Support and encourage these clubs where possible to sustain and assist their growth.

Promotion of the village:

  • Promote the Upton into the future whilst preserving the balance of private village life through creating more enjoyable, traditional events for families such as the annual fete.

John Dickens 19th May 2010

Chairman Upton Parish Council

Adopted at Parish Council meeting of 26th May 2010