Aims and Objectives 2014-15


  • Ensure successful adoption of new document storage and archiving procedure;
  • Review Clerk’s salary to ensure it is commensurate with the duties undertaken.


  • Produce clear and accurate documents that effectively communicate our financial situation;
  • Set a precept and budget that ensures the on-going work and commitments undertaken by the council are adequately resourced and insured;
  • Ensure proper practices are followed at all times, in accordance with the adopted financial regulations.


  • We will encourage the development of all councillors and clerk through attendance of appropriate training courses when available.


  • Seek to maintain the village character as a small village in a rural setting, through proper understanding and use of the planning system;

Parish Plan:

  • A committee will be established to review how far we have progressed against the current Parish Plan and commence work on a revised Parish Plan with the aim of publishing by the end of 2015.


  • Support UVHAT in the upkeep of the village hall and enhancement of its facilities;
  • Support the continuation of services at St. Mary’s Church and it’s upkeep;
  • Maintain the recreation ground and playground equipment to a high standard;
  • Ensure routine safety inspections of the playgrounds;
  • With the support of the Volunteer Group, improve and maintain communal village areas.


  • Lobby for the maintenance of current bus service levels;
  • Continue financial support for printing of the Upton News, ensuring the continuation of the hardcopy circulation.
  • Ensure the Parish Council pages on the village website are complete and correct.

Roads and Footpaths:

  • With the support of the Volunteer Group, continue cut the grass on village footpaths;
  • Lobby to ensure our roads are maintained and as safe as possible. Specifically lobby for a pedestrian crossing on the A417;
  • Continue efforts to establish a cycle route to Blewbury, which satisfies the requirements of all interested parties.

Dr. Robert Lott
Chairman Upton Parish Council
20th May 2014