Details of the VPA Autumn Show

Our Autumn Show for 2018 is to be held on Saturday 7th July and will take place in the Blewbury Village Hall.

Anyone, no matter where they live, can enter.  In fact, a couple of years ago we had an entry from Canada!!

The VPA committee prepare the Show Schedule which gives details of the fruit, vegetables, roses, cut flowers, container plants, cookery, handicraft, informal floral art and photography which anyone can enter into the Show. Especially important is the Children’s Section which allows youngsters, in different age categories, to display their skills in gardening, cooking, together with arts and crafts.  There are trophies and certificates to win.

Bring your entries on the Saturday morning between 8.30am and 11.00am and then judging takes place between 11.15am and 1.00pm.  The Show is open to the public between 2.30pm and 4.00pm when the prize giving takes place.

We would love to see more people entering the Show – it really isn’t difficult. If you have some lovely fruit, vegetables or flowers – give it a go!  If you enjoy photography – give it a go!  If you enjoy cooking – give it a go!  If your hobby is handicraft – give it a go!   Just take a look at the Show Schedule to see what the Classes are for each Section – it’s so simple!

The Show Schedule will be available at the end of February from Blewbury post office or you can receive it online by emailing Eileen on  or ring Margaret in Upton on 01235 850126.

We are looking forward to a bumper crop of entries this year!!

DID YOU KNOW ?  Broad beans should not be eaten in the evening because they are difficult to digest and have been known to cause nightmares.   In the Middle Ages it was thought that the souls of the dead lived inside the humble broad bean because it disturbed people’s sleep.  The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras would not eat broad beans under any circumstances, so convinced was he that they were possessed by evil spirits. 

Happy Gardening