Thank You to the Grass Cutting Team

A very big thank you to Simon Powell, John Dickens, Derek Vockins, Diane Rabbetts, John Lightfoot, Mike Collins, Rob Traynor, Peter Head, Stuart Fraser, Bob Lott, Paul Batho, Richard Clayton, Kieron Humphrey, Nick Thackray, Mike Brown and team leader Graham de Wilde for their efforts in maintaining the Recreation Ground and several of our footpaths in good order throughout another summer. A special thanks to Graham who with help from Rob Traynor has spent many hours beavering away on manual tasks in and around the Recreation Ground and the Village Hall keeping the whole area neat and tidy and a credit to the village.

This year turned out to be a very unusual one for the cutting of the main recreation ground. Everything was going okay until the first week in June and after that it was not cut again until a few days before the village fete in early September. Since then it has not been cut. As a result of the reduced number of cuts some of the mowing group didn’t get to cut at all but a big thank you for “being there” if required. The small children’s playground was cut a few times and has been helped by the thinning of the copper beech, the removal of a large tree at the corner of Station Road and some of the trees on the bank of Station Road have also been cut back so there’s much more light in the area now which should help the grass.