V.P.A. Welcomes Members from outside the Villages


Well, so far so good with the weather – a bit of snow just to remind us all it’s still winter, but not too much rain to make it difficult to get into the garden and onto the allotments.

Many of you know I infiltrated the Blewbury and Upton VPA a good few years ago (although it was by invitation) and have been on the committee for quite a while. I live in Didcot on the Ladygrove Estate – I’m one of its original residents, having moved from London in 1988 and I’ve had an allotment on New Road since 2001. That’s the allotment site on the road coming into Didcot from Blewbury and Hagbourne.

The reason I am boring you with this information is to let anyone who is currently reading this edition of the Upton News and is not a resident of Blewbury or Upton know – “where ever you live, you are more than welcome to join us and take part in all our activities and events, especially our Summer Show.  Best of all Membership is free!”

If you would like a copy of our 2019 Programme send an email to vpa.in.bl.up@gmail.com and I will send you a copy on line, or pop into Blewbury Post Office and pick one up.

Our first 2019 committee meeting took place last week and we discussed the Schedule for the Summer Show which takes place on Saturday 13th July at Blewbury Village Hall. Despite the really hot weather last year the Show was very well supported with over 30 exhibitors. Categories include exhibiting fruit, vegetables, flowers, cookery, handicraft, photography and also a childrens’ section. We also have a novice section in each category, so if you’ve never exhibited before – give it a go. It’s all great fun and you could win a trophy and prize money!!

Next month will have more details on the visit to The Vyne on the 8th June and we will let you know when the Summer Show Schedule is available.

DID YOU KNOW ?  Apart from being bad for cabbages, rue, is bad for many herbs. Some old wives’ tales say that it can make sage planted near it positively poisonous; but it is more likely to simply kill it, as it may basil. Many people plant gladioli in the vegetable garden, simply because the stakes that they need look ugly in the flower beds.  They are, however, extremely bad for peas and beans, and so bad for strawberries that these will suffer from them planted up to fifty feet away.”


Happy Gardening