More Improvements Planned for the Village Hall

At a meeting of the Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust (UVHAT) on Tuesday, February 26th 2019, the trustees unanimously agreed to proceed with the refurbishment and upgrading of the main village hall. This has been on our agenda for quite sometime, and after consultation with the various user groups we now have a modest plan of upgrades and refurbishments.

The ceiling lighting will be replaced with energy efficient LED lighting as will the wall lights.  More  electrical sockets will be added at strategic places round the room. All the fire safety/exit lights will be upgraded and also the wall heaters replaced with more modern, energy efficient ones.  Acoustic panels will be placed on the ceiling to help reduce reverberation time making it less harsh when there are a lot of people in the hall. The walls will be covered with thermal insulation plasterboard and plastered and wainscoting will be added on the lower half of the walls to protect the wall from scuffs and smudge, this will also help to insulate the hall even more. The hall will then be painted. The floor will be repaired where necessary and various boards replaced. It will then be stripped and the various different wood areas will be re- matched together, sanded and sealed. Finally all the old pelmets and curtains will be removed and replaced by wood painted blinds on all windows. We believe  that these improvements will make the main a hall a more pleasant lighter and brighter environment to be in. Work will hopefully start in early July and maybe stretch a little into August. It still may be possible to use the hall while some of the works are going on but there will be two periods when it will have to be closed completely. The little meeting room may be still available in extremis. We hope to have the hall ready again for the church/village fete at the beginning of September.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Lesley Shaw, who is leaving UVHAT, for all her hard work as a trustee over many years, and most recently looking after our Upton 50 Club which raises vital funds to keep our hall maintained.  Jacqui Reid will now be looking after the Upton 50 Club.

Upton Village Hall Trustees