V.P.A. to visit The Vyne.

Don’t forget we have a day trip on Saturday 8th June to The Vyne, Vyne Road, Sherborne St. John, RG24 9HL

The Vyne is a National Trust,16th century estate and country house. Following its huge 2-year roof project, this former Tudor palace has re-opened to tell the story of a Victorian brother and sister who saved the mansion. Full details of the time and transport arrangements will be available with Karen at Blewbury Post Office or contact Maggie Maytham in Upton (01235 850126).

The Summer Show Schedule will be in the Blewbury post office from May onwards or you can get it online from Eileen on vpa.in.bl.up@gmail.com  or by ringing Margaret in Upton on 01235 850126. This is an opportunity for you to show off your skills – growing fruit, flowers and vegetables, or cooking, or handicraft or photography. You don’t have to be an expert and it’s great fun taking part.  There’s also a Childrens’ Section, so hopefully we will have a few more junior exhibitors taking part this year.

DID YOU KNOW ?  “The apple can grow at the highest latitude of all the fruits. Apple trees need almost 1,000 hours of cold autumn and winter air to produce their flowers, which explains why they cannot be grown in hotter climates. The apple was the earliest to be cultivated by man and, like so many other plants, it was introduced to Britain by the Romans. Today, China is the world’s leading apple producer.”

Happy Gardening