Making the most of your Summer Wine

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer?   This is the time of year when some of us decide to travel away from these shores to more exotic locations and (just to be social) try some of the local wines!  If you are feeling that little more adventurous then pick up a local cheese to go with your wine and see if the local produce really does go best with the local wine!

Whether it’s a vacation or “staycation” then here are a few more tips and recommendations to try out!   Most of which have been tried and tested by our wine committee!

  • Going to a Summer BBQ round friends and want to ensure you are able to drink a nice bit of plonk with your chicken burger/salad/Prawns….etc Take a good bottle of Rose…..most people will assume this is a cheap bottle from one of the budget supermarkets and leave well alone, heading for the white instead. Leaving you to enjoy some good quality wine all to yourself!
  • Want to try something different to cool you down? Look no further than the drink of this Summer, An Aperol Spritz!   Cool, easy to drink, looks and tastes amazing!   How do you make it?   4 oz chilled prosecco, 2 oz Aperol, Sparkling water and a slice or two of orange.  Put it in one of those large round gin glasses you got for Christmas with buckets of ice.  Sit back and enjoy!
  • Food idea? Meal for one (or two small eaters) and cannot finish off the entire bottle?   Open a bottle of nice dry white wine and make a risotto.  Have a glass whilst you are making it.  Pour a glass in as you make it and then have a glass whilst eating it!   Nothing wasted and a great use of wine!   (For reference I use the Jamie Oliver simple risotto recipe, although I normally end up opening a second bottle!)
  • Lastly, and something I know we have all experienced. If you are on holiday and find yourself sitting down by the pool, with the hot sun on your back and a glass of some local wine in your hand (for probably less than 5 EUROS), drink it ALL and leave it out there, along with the wonderful memories of your trip.   If you try bringing it back home to recreate that magical moment, then the likelihood is you will get to realise why it was just 5 EUROS!

Whatever you are doing, enjoy your break!   The Upton Wine Club will be at the Fete this year on the 7th September.  Please do come along and say hi!   Our first meeting will be on the 18th September at the village hall.   If you are new to the club and want to give it a try then please do send me an mail:

Ian Langley