“Call my Bluff” at the Wine Club

The Upton Wine Club started their fifteenth season in the newly furnished village hall this September.   A great evening, with a touch of “ first day of term” feeling about it.   To dust down the taste buds and remind everyone of the wide variety of flavours you can get from wine, the committee held a call my Bluff game.   Three descriptions of wine were read out, with only one being correct.  The audience simply had to guess the right one!

There was a wide variety of wines tasted, all mainly around the £9 – £12 mark.   We use this as benchmark prices for the wines we taste as we feel it provides great quality wine for an affordable price.  One of the principle purposes of our club is to give people the opportunity to try wines they may not have tried before.  Look at the wines we tasted and if any look of interest give them a try!

Graham Beck Brut – A sparkling wine made from the same grapes used to make Champagne.  Made in the same classic way as Champagne but you will pay significantly less!  Well worth trying if you like your bubbles!

Definition Viognier – A grape grown all over the world and a must if you like aromatic, floral flavours.

Godello, Katia Alveraz – Not a well known grape but becoming very popular due to its versatility to pair with pretty much everything.  Try it with fish to pick up on the citrus flavours.

Blind River, Savignon Blanc – A classic SB from Marlborough NZ.  Full of herbaceous flavours and a must try if this grape is a favourite of yours.

Definition Pinotage – a big red wine, full of rich flavours of blackberry and raspberry.  Perfect if you like strong bold flavours.

Morgon Chateau de Pizay  – A Gamay grape with a fine fruity taste.  Lots of blackberries and cherries and a silky smooth finish!

Viñalba Reserve Malbec – Another big red wine from Argentina.  Full of dark fruit, cocoa and lip=smacking melted tannins.  Perfect with an Autumn steak!

Revival Zinfandel – Picking up flavours of jam, blueberry and black pepper and a smoky finish.  It is a lovely smooth red.

If you like your wine and want to try a broad range, whilst catching up with a few of your fellow neighbours from the village then come and join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the village hall between 8-10pm.  All details on our website: https://uptonwineclub.com/  Hope to see you there!



(Club Chairman)