Upton Parish Council and UVHAT Need Your Help

It has been wonderful to witness the village coming together during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly whilst we are in the “lock-down” phase. It is a great reminder why Upton is such a lovely place to live. From the great WhatsApp help group set up by Sarah Carter which is helping get supplies and prescriptions to those who are vulnerable or can’t get out to the wonderful applause from doorsteps in thanks for NHS and health workers who continuing to work so hard, some of course who live in the village.

Following a meeting between Upton Parish Council and UVHAT (Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust) we wondered if there is more we can do in the future as we move through different phases which might be useful to villagers. For example a food bank, a session from experts on how to navigate Government financial support you may require, setting up a temporary crèche facility in the hall to help mums and dads. Obviously anything we come up with will have to work in line with Government guidance at that time however I think we all recognise it will take the country some time to get back to a “new normal”.

So if you are interested in joining a small steering group to brainstorm some ideas which we can then get the village’s view on what may or may not be useful please contact Jacqui.reid@hotmail.co.uk and she will set up a conference call.

Thank you.

Upton Parish Council and UVHAT Trustees