HUGS Looking to plant more Trees

‘Tis the season to plant trees in!
According to The Woodland Trust, it’s best to plant trees between November and March when they’re dormant and there’s less risk of causing damage.
There are lots of reasons people plant trees – to replace an old one that had to be felled, to help wildlife, to grow fruit, to soak up carbon, to remember a loved one, just to watch it grow.
But there’s another compelling reason to plant a tree this year. Because it will help us reach our target of 1000 new trees in the 3 villages!
Native species have the dual benefit of capturing carbon and supporting indigenous wildlife so we’ve got a great list of natives for you to choose from – and they’re all under a fiver.
Depending on what space you have available, how about a beautiful flowering tree like a guelder rose or a bird cherry, or if you’ve got a bigger gap, why not a sweet chestnut so you can be roasting your own in a few Christmases from now. For the full range, see the tree-planting section of our website:
We’ll also be able to put you in touch with expert local gardeners for advice on where and how to plant.
Owls over Upton
We’re launching an exciting project with Lu Barton of Lu’s Owls in Didcot to monitor owls in our area. Owls are an indicator species, helping us understand what state our local nature is in. We know tawny and little owls are still around, but we think we’ve lost barn owls in recent years.
Using the data we collect together we want to put up more nest boxes (several with web cams) and we’d like to work with landowners to improve habitat for our owls. More info next month!
Village Questionnaire
You’ll be getting a questionnaire from the Parish Council asking what you’d like to see happening in the village in your mail/email soon.
It’s a good opportunity to register your support for activities and expenditure which promote nature, the rural landscape and sustainable lifestyles.
Members of the Parish Council committee aren’t opposed to these things – in fact they’ve been very positive about protecting the environment and biodiversity. But they need to know what your views are, and what you expect them to take into consideration when making decisions.
If you’re concerned about the environment, biodiversity or climate change, please speak up.