Revised Bus Service

All through Covid 19 and lockdown, the 94 bus has continued to serve the parishes of Blewbury, Upton, West Hagbourne, East Hagbourne and parts of Didcot through government support and those travellers feeling comfortable in doing so. Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable have not felt able to use the bus as yet.
2021 has brought some changes however. The new route for the 94 now serves both Chilton and Harwell as the majority of journeys from the X32 are being withdrawn from there, and will come into Upton then continue as normal through Blewbury etc. Unfortunately, it is no longer able to go through West Hagbourne but will treat the Horse and Harrow as a hail and drop off point. The funding support now comes from the new development taking place in Chilton and should be available for up to two years. With a view to the limited funds available following on, the council have made a bid to the Government’s Rural Mobility fund for a pilot demand responsive transport project which would replace service 94. The outcome of this bid is expected to be known next December.
It is hoped that those who can/ will/ might/ make the most of what we have in order to help secure a mobile future for the villages.
If you download a copy of the new timetable you will see that it gives us a Saturday service. I am happy to print off copies for those unable to do so.
Jessie West PTR Tel 851206