VPA Cancel Summer Show

The VPA Committee has been required to give serious thought as to whether the Summer Show should go ahead in July, the main concern being the current status of Covid-19. Will it ever come to an end? Things start to look up and then another Variant appears on the horizon. A big worry now is the Indian Variant which is proving more virulent than any other so far. The Government continues discussions on lockdowns, easing, and more recently, suggestions of ending social distancing and no more masks, etc. Many decisions and arrangements will not be confirmed by the Government until the end of June.
Careful consideration has been given by the VPA Committee to various problems. These include the limited time left for the Committee to organise the event, the entrants having only five weeks to prepare their exhibits by the 10th July and most importantly, the currently unknown safety aspects required relating to Covid-19.
It is therefore the decision of the Committee to cancel the 2021 Annual Show.
We will keep everyone updated over the coming months with regard to the future of the Village Produce Association.
A couple of Did You Know? to cheer you up: 1. Dried nasturtium seeds were ground into a powder during the Second World War as a replacement for pepper. 2. Claude Monet (1840-1926) said “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”