St Mary’s Churchyard

Passers-by will have noticed that the churchyard has appeared in need of a trim at some times during this summer. This was the result of an experimental policy to allow the growth of grasses and wild flowers to encourage the insect population, as is being done elsewhere in the village.
At its meeting in June, the PCC reviewed the position in the light of comments received from villagers. It was decided that the parts of the churchyard fronting Church Street and the lane which runs down to the fields on the south side would be regularly cut as before, while the area to the rear (north) of the church, and on the east side, should be allowed to grow during the summer and cut back later in the year. The areas of longer grass will have paths cut through them to allow access for people to enjoy what we hope will become an area containing a variety of attractive meadow flowers growing in the grass.
The cemetery (the separate area surrounded by railings to the east of the church) will be regularly cut throughout the season as this is in active use and graves are regularly visited. As ever, we are grateful to Roy Locke for his great work in keeping these areas cut and tidy.
The currently unused cemetery extension to the rear of the existing cemetery is owned by the Parish Council which has its own plans for managing this area as a wildflower meadow.
We hope these policies meet with the approval of Upton residents but as ever, we would welcome comments and feedback.
Paul Batho