October update

In September, Blewbury WI had a most informative and enlightening talk from Mark Godaland, from Thames Valley Police, about cyber crime and keeping us as safe as possible online. He gave us a summary of his talk, which is 24 pages long, however we thought it was worthy of a mention in your newsletters, so people know how to deal with these things.

The full summary is rather long, but we can email it to you blewburywi@gmail.com

Make sure you have a really strong password, (3 impersonal words and a number) never share an email account, run your antivirus software every month, make sure you update your devices when prompted, set up 2 factor authorisation, and save your passwords in your browser or use a password saver app.

To 31st August 2021, 47k of scams and 94k URLs were removed from circulation, prosecutions and convictions for cyber crime have dramatically risen, so its well worth reporting all suspicious texts, emails and websites. Forward suspicious texts to 7726, forward suspicious emails to report@phishing.gov.uk, for suspicious websites go to NCSC.GOV.UK

More information is available on www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/suspicious-email-actions or http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/guidetoreporting or contact citizens advice

Please remember that cold calls to your landline are also probably scams, block the number if you can, hang up, never give your bank details or personal information to anyone!

We are also asking for help and information about the early days of Blewbury and Upton WI, we know it was in existence in 1922 as the banner was made then, and in 1937 they had a resolution about the provision of milk to school children, discussed at the national annual meeting in London. We know they had a canning or bottling machine during WW2, but all the previous records have mysteriously disappeared, we’ve checked the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the national records, so if any one can remember anything at all, please contact us at blewburywi@gmail.com or our secretary, Joy, on 01235 850543, Thank you.

Blewbury WI are about to take delivery of 400+ free trees from the Woodland Trust, as we are all being urged to plant a tree for the queen’s platinum jubilee, Upton Village hall have already agreed to have some for their new wildlife area, but if anyone else would like 1, 2 or 20, please get in touch with Karen. (07825154842 or blewburywi@gmail.com) There are many different British native trees available, mainly small to medium size, wild harvest, nuts, berries, seeds and fruits for us and wildlife, all round colour and some for sustainable wood for woodburners in the future. They will need to be potted up if not being planted straight away, and come with a support and a protective sleeve.