Audrey Damnjanovic

Audrey Damnjanovic died on 3 December 2000 at the age of 79.

Audrey had been born in Upton, the youngest of three daughters of Ernest and Florence Brown, and lived all her life here. Brought up in the simple way of the day Audrey always retained her contentment with what she had. In 1950 she married Miodrag, (fondly known to the whole community as Koma), a Yugoslav living at Upton Lodge, having previously been a prisoner of war in Germany.

Audrey had a life-long love for St. Mary’s and was awarded a medal when she completed forty years as organist. She took pride in her family both past and present; one of her delights was the fact that her grandfather, Mr. Tyler, had been one of the last shepherds to lead his flock. His crook was later taken by the bishop of Singapore and is now in use at the cathedral there.

Though small in stature Audrey radiated enormous love, not only to her children, Dani and Peter, and all her grandchildren, but to neighbours and friends alike. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.