Minutes of Meeting 24th March 2010


Minutes of A Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on Wednesday, 24th March 2010 at 8.00 pm


Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr M Brown, Mr S. Norman, Mr G Summers, Mrs C Lightfoot (Clerk),

Mr B Simpson (part-time), Mr S Lilley (part-time), PCSO D Clements (part-time)

1. Apologies received from Mrs Seelig and Mr Mason

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None recorded

3. Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held on 27th January 2010 and Extraordinary meeting held on

15th February 2010, having been previously circulated, were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters Arising – all matters arising were taken as agenda items.

5. PCSO’s Report: PCSO Clements reported that police notices had been posted indicating that additional night patrols were taking place at the back of the George and Dragon where a fence had been broken down and a dead fox with taped up jaws and a bird trap had been found. Mr Brown reported that he had found 3 other dead foxes and a dead kestrel in the last few weeks in the same area that is designated a County Wildlife Site.

6. County Councillor’s Report:

Mr Lilley reported that the County Council, in conjunction with the Tourist Board, is publishing information leaflets. He requested that we pass useful information pertaining to the village to him for inclusion. He noted that: work is about to start on Didcot Station; another review of bus subsidies is about to commence; and that WRG is putting in a planning application for an MBT plant for disposal of commercial waste to be built at Sutton Courtenay. He concluded by telling the meeting that a new contractor has been hired to fill potholes.

7. District Councillor’s Report: in Mr Farrell’s absence there was no report.

8. Villagers’ Forum: no villagers were present.

9. Village Hall:

· Regularisation of Land ownership

ORCC had recommended a Beaconsfield solicitor who could help with regularization of the land. The PC agreed that it might be more cost effective to use a local solicitor. Mr Summers reported that he and the Chairman of the Upton Village Hall Amenities Trust (UVHAT), Mrs J West, had made an appointment with a solicitor from Blewbury, for an initial consultation. The PC agreed that Mr Summers should take forward the negotiations on behalf of the P.C. and in order to avoid unnecessary delays was authorized to agree to any expenditure up to £500.

Mr Summers proposed that the land on which the hall stands, and one metre surrounding, plus such land as is required for car parking and patio be leased to UVHAT on a 99 year lease.

This was seconded by Mr Brown, all in favour.

· Financial Situation

Mr Simpson reported that the Parish Council’s contract with ABS totalled £94,700. All the grant monies have been received by the PC with the exception of a grant of £11,100 from LEADER which is due

before the end of this financial year. Mr Simpson reminded the meeting that the PC only has authority

to borrow until 31st March and therefore the PC should repay the remainder of the UVHAT loan before that date. The PC agreed that the loan be repaid upon receipt of the LEADER grant.

(Clerk’s note: 25th March – notification has been received that this money has been paid into the Parish Council’s account.)

Mr Brown recorded grateful thanks to Mr Simpson for his willingness to be co-opted to the Parish Council as assistant clerk for the past 6 months and for his excellent work in controlling the finances during the building period when large sums were coming into and out of the P.C. account. This was endorsed by all. present.

10. Planning

UPT/4960/4 – Maslina, proposed new dwelling (on site of previous permission for new garage, not implemented). It was noted that the Vale have advised that this application has been withdrawn.

UPT/21018/1 – 4 Fieldside, application for erection of rear extension, extending the down stairs living space with a single storey conservatory and adding a second storey onto the bathroom/utility area to create one additional bedroom and bathroom (re-submission). Applicant Mrs E Bunston. It was noted that plans UPT/21018 were examined at an Extraordinary PC meeting in October 2009 with no objections. The current plans were not dissimilar and the PC raised no objections. Clerk to advise the Vale. Clerk

Yew Tree, The Old Forge: the PC had no objections to crowning of yew tree at the Old Forge.

Clerk to advise Vale accordingly. Clerk

UPT/19316/4 – Fieldside Cottage – retrospective application for internal alterations and erection of single storey extension.

This retrospective application has been permitted with conditions. It is stated that permission is not granted for the boundary wall and this element is omitted from the plans.

UPT/3451/15-CM – Details pursuant to conditions 19 & 21 of planning permission at Prospect Farm Chilton. Clerk to speak to Oxfordshire County Council to understand what is involved. Clerk

11. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility

i) Roads and Footpaths:

Footpath to Blewbury – Mr Norman reported that he had re-opened a dialogue with Blewbury Parish Council. It was agreed that Mark Sumner be asked to advise on what we can expect the landowners to do by way of improving this footpath. SN

Cutting of Footpaths – Mr Norman had received a schedule of footpaths from Oxfordshire County Council. If the PC were to maintain these paths we would receive an annual sum of £400.

Mr Brown pointed out that there are two footpaths not included, ie Coffin Way and from St Mary’s Church travelling North East towards East Hagbourne. It was agreed to request an urgent meeting with Mark Sumner to discuss maintenance. SN

Litter Pick – Mr Brown reported that 15 volunteers had successfully completed the litter pick.

ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground:

Cycle Humps – Mr Brown reported that the cycle track and humps would be completed as soon as the ground dries and becomes firm.

Camping on the Recreation Ground – Dr Lott has requested that a number of people taking part in the mountain bike event to raise funds for the village hall be permitted to camp overnight in the Recreation Ground. In principle there were no objections. Mr Dickens will liaise with Dr Lott. JD

Clerk to check with the District Council that there are no restrictions. Clerk

iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area – nothing to report

iv) Communications – nothing to report

v) Volunteer Group:

Mr Brown said that over the next few weeks there were a number of tasks to be carried out around the village hall, including putting a gate through the fence at the west side of the hall and re-seeding all the bare areas.

v) N.A.G. – nothing to report

vii) UKAEA Local Liaison Committee – nothing to report

viii) Parish Transport Rep – Mr Summers reported that a new timetable display board has been installed at the bus shelter. The next county meeting is scheduled for 12th May 2010.

ix) Energy Saving Initiative – nothing to report

12. Finance

i) Payments since last meeting:

Vale of White Horse DC (Dog Bins) £100.32

ABS General Builders, 4th and final invoice – £17,589.75 (gross)

UVHAT 1st instalment on loan repayment – £4,500

UVHAT 2ND final instalment on loan – £16,500

Clerk’s Salary – £311.80

Kalehurst – service to ride on mower £319.61 (gross)

The above payments were all agreed.

ii) Receipts since last meeting:

Bank interest January £1.29p, February 67p

Repayment of VAT, £4,016.76 (Jan); £4707.33 (Feb)

Grant from Rural Payment Agency (Feb) £15,900

Grant from Oxfordshire County Council – £8,750

Receipts noted.

iii) Charitable giving:

Requests had been received from a number of charities throughout the year. It was agreed that since this had been an exceptional year our giving would be confined to £200 for St Mary’s Church towards the upkeep of the cemetery and in recognition of printing Upton News, and a £25 gratuity to Mr & Mrs Churchman for opening the recreation ground on a daily basis.

It was noted that £250 had been donated to The South Central Ambulance League of Friends in September 2009 to support the setting up of the village’s Community First Responder Group.

iv) Internal Audit Plan 2009/10 & 2010/11. Mr Simpson distributed an audit plan for consideration by the meeting. Following discussion Mr Dickens proposed that the audit plan be adopted, seconded by Mr Norman, all in favour.

13. Correspondence recently received

i) Invitation to Oxfordshire County Council Didcot Area Summit, Cornerstone 26/3/2010

ii) OALC – January/February & March bulletins – ALY

iii) Invitation to Democracy Day Event, 3rd March

iv) ORCC News Bulletin – March 2010: it was agreed to submit 3 entries to ORCC for inclusion in the 90th Birthday county book: hall extension; volunteer group; & first responders Clerk

v) CPRE Spring briefing

The above correspondence has been circulated.

Resignation of Councillor. Mr Summers advised the Chairman that he will be moving away from Upton in May and this would be his last meeting. The Chairman thanked Mr Summers for the contribution he had made to the Parish Council during the past year and said how sorry we were to see him leave. Councillors wished him well for the future in West Wales.

Clerk to contact Vale regarding filling this vacancy. Clerk

A note to be put on the web and in the newsletter looking for a volunteer who could be co-opted. MB

14. Date of next meeting: The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 26th May 2010.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 12th April 2010

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk

Tel: 01235 850486

26th March 2010

cc: all present, + Mr Mason, Mrs Seelig and Mr Farrell