Minutes of Meeting 26th May 2010

Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Wednesday, 26TH May 2010 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall

Present: Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr M Brown, Dr R Lott, Mr D Mason, Mr S Norman,

Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk), Mr R Farrell (part-time), Mr S Lilley (part-time)

1 villager

1. Apologies – there were no apologies

2. Cooption of new councillors: The Chairman welcomed Dr Lott and Mrs Shaw to the Parish Council as co-opted members

3. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None recorded.

4. Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held on 24th March and Extraordinary meetings held on

19th April and 18th May 2010 having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman

5. Matters Arising

  • Contract for cutting footpaths – see Item 13(i)
  • RTA 3rd party insurance for John Deere mower – see Item 15(ii)

6. PCSO’s Report – in the absence of a PCSO there was no report

7. County Councillor’s Report

Mr Lilley reported that following the Chancellor’s announcements Oxfordshire County Council is further examining its budgets to identify areas that can be trimmed. He said that WRG is submitting a planning application for a mechanical and biological waste treatment facility in Sutton Courtenay. A follow-up to the Didcot Area Summit is being arranged for 16th June. Mr Lilley suggested that if we weren’t being represented at this meeting he would raise any points on our behalf. Mr Lilley said that the local bus review is taking place in December 2011 and he will argue the case for continued bus subsidies. It was noted that Stage Coach and Go Ahead share routes and have an integrated ticketing system throughout Oxfordshire.

8. District Councillor’s Report

Mr Farrell said that the Vale’s financial plan anticipates a 5% reduction year on year. He reported that there are changes in the planning process with regional spatial strategies being abolished. The Infrastructure Planning Commission is deemed to be undemocratic and is likely to be replaced by a sub-section of the Planning Inspectorate. He said that a green paper is being put forward which will give local people some right of appeal.

9. Villagers’ Forum – no discussion

10. Upton Parish Council Plan 2010-2011. A draft document had been circulated by the Chairman in advance of the meeting. Following discussion of the aims and objectives, Mr Dickens proposed that the plan be adopted, seconded by Mrs Shaw. All members were in favour.

11. Village Hall:

· Regularisation of Land ownership

Mr Dickens reported on a meeting held between representatives of UVHAT and the Parish Council to discuss regularisation of land. It had been agreed to go ahead with the long term lease of the footprint of the hall and patio to UVHAT. The car park will remain the responsibility of the Parish Council.

· Extension to car park

Mr Brown had obtained 2 quotes for material for the car park extension which will provide space for an additional 19 cars. These quotes amounted to £1760 and £1046 (excVAT). Having examined the 2 samples provided the council agreed to go ahead with the purchase of the more expensive material. Proposed by Mr Brown seconded by Mr Dickens, with all in favour.

Three quotes have been received for two different packages of work to improve and resurface the existing car park:

1. Package 1 includes taking out the back corner, building a soak away and resurfacing – Quotes varied between £6,188 and £6,506 excl VAT.

2. Package 2 is as Package 1 with the addition of straightening the entrance to run parallel with the trees. This improves the entrance and gives room for an extra 3-4 cars – Quotes varied between £8,188 and £8,447 excl VAT.

If this work is to go ahead it will have to be paid for by UVHAT. Mr. Brown will meet with UVHAT to discuss taking it forward. It is understood that UVHAT’s Treasurer, Mr. Brian Simpson, is seeking clarification on the position of UVHAT donating the money to the Parish Council to allow the council to place and control the contract.

12. Planning

· UPT/21018/1 – 4 Fieldside. It was noted that planning permission was granted on 23rd April 2010

· Chilton Waste. An email has been received from OCC advising that Chilton Waste have requested an extra 3 hours usage following Bank Holidays, no operation would take place on site other than importing and placement of waste. The Parish Council had no objections.

13. Status reports from Councillors on areas of existing responsibility

i) Roads and Footpaths:

· Mr Norman reported that the contract with OCC has now been agreed. Payment will be received by the PC once OCC is satisfied with the work undertaken. There is an ongoing issue with access to the footpath at the rear of the George & Dragon. Mr Norman will contact Mr Sumner, footpaths officer, regarding changing the lock to enable access.

· Footpath to Blewbury: Mr Norman said that Mr Sumner acknowledges that OCC has a duty to maintain Coffin Way and suggests rotovating the path. An alternative suggestion to move the footpath over by 2 metres to give a flat surface that could be easily kept mown had been suggested by the farmer as a possible way forward in a conversation with Mr. Brown. In discussion this latter idea was the less preferred option. Mr Norman will revert to Mr Sumner asking him to negotiate a solution.

ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground: work on cycle humps needs to be coordinated. Mr Ben Shaw volunteered to help with this in the short term.

ii) Young Parishioners including Play Area: it was noted that regular inspections are no longer taking place. Parents of users of the play area to be asked to take turns to do the monthly checks.

iv) Communications: nothing to report

v) Volunteer Group: a meeting is required to set tasks including purchase and erection of 2 gates in the play area, cutting hedges around play area, tidy up Post Office Lane, laying extended car park

vi) N.A.G. – the minutes of the last meeting show 2 areas of concern: traffic speeding and dog poo.

vii) UKAEA Local Liaison Committee – Mr Brown will undertake to attend future meetings

viii) Parish Transport Representative. The Chairman reported that Mr G Homer has volunteered to act as Parish Transport Representative and attended a meeting on our behalf on 12th May 2010.

ix) Energy Saving Initiative – items pertaining to Energy Saving will be inserted in Upton News.

14. Allocation of councillors’ responsibilities

The following areas of responsibility were agreed:

  • Young Parishioners, including the play area – Mr D. Mason (assisted by Mr J Dickens & Dr R Lott)

(It was agreed that this group, possibly assisted by other parishioners, might look towards funding for enhancement of the play area.)

  • Amenities (including Recreation Ground) – Dr R Lott
  • Roads and Footpaths – Mr S Norman
  • Communications – Mr M Brown
  • Volunteer Group – Mr M Brown (assisted by Dr R Lott)
  • Planning – Mr J Dickens & Mr M Brown
  • Village Hall – Mrs L Shaw
  • NAG – Mrs C Davies
  • UKAEA Stakeholders Rep – Mr M Brown
  • Parish Transport Rep – Mr G Homer

15. Finance

i) Adoption of Accounts

Copies of the accounts, having undergone internal audit by Mr B. Simpson, were distributed. Mr Dickens proposed that the accounts be adopted, seconded by Mr M Brown, with all in favour.

ii) Payments since last meeting:

Aviva – Annual Insurance Premium – £308.08 + £131.25 3rd party traffic act/John Deere mower

Repayment of loan to UVHAT – £16,500

Clerk’s Salary – £311.80

Clerk’s expenses including refreshments for APM – £49.82

Sundries relating to village hall and grass cutting (Mr Brown) – £90.84

The above items were noted for payment.

Discussion ensued regarding the necessity of obtaining 3rd party traffic act insurance on the John Deere mower to allow the machine to be driven through the village. The majority of the Parish Council were in favour of this expenditure.

Following Mrs Seelig’s resignation, it was agreed that Mrs Shaw would be the 3rd signatory on the Parish Council account. Clerk to arrange for the mandate to be changed. Clerk

Receipts since last meeting:

Precept £3,625 – (8th April)

Bank interest March 49p, April 66p

The above receipts were noted.

iii) Review of clerk’s salary: the Chairman reported that no payrise is due this year, however it was agreed that the clerk should move up one point on the payscale.

16. Future Caravan Rallies

The caravan rally organisers have requested they be permitted to hold their 2011 Easter Rally in Upton Recreation Ground. Whilst it was felt there were positives about holding the Rally, there were also concerns: damage to the Recreation Ground; changes to waste disposal need to be addressed; residents should be consulted. It was agreed that villagers should be asked for their views through Upton News before a final decision is made.

17. Correspondence recently received

i) Invitation to ORCC 90th Birthday – 3rd July 2010

ii) VWH – grants for insulation

iii) Home2School – Summer 2010

iv) Fieldwork April 2010

v) Playing Field, Spring 2010

vi) Biodiversity News May 2010

vii) ORCC Spring/Summer bulletin

viii) Rural Services Network (www.ruralservicescommunity.net)

The above correspondence was in circulation, either by email or hard copy.

18. Date of next meeting: The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 28th July 2010.

Meeting closed at 10.50 p.m.

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk

Tel: 01235 850486

2nd June 2010