Minutes of Meeting 28th July 2010

Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held in the Village Hall

on Wednesday, 28TH July 2010 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT: Mr M Brown (Chairman), Dr R. Lott, Mr D. Mason, Mr S. Norman, Mrs L Shaw,

Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk), Mr R. Farrell, PCSO L. Gardner, 1 member of the public

1. Apologies – Mr J Dickens

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered . Mr Brown declared an interest in Item 11, planning application UPT/19353/1 (neighbouring property).

3. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

Chairman: Mr J Dickens proposed by Mr Mason, seconded by Mrs Shaw. All in favour

Vice Chairman: Mr M Brown proposed by Mr Norman, seconded by Mrs Shaw. All in favour

4. Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held on 26th May and Extraordinary meetings held on 7th & 29th June 2010. Mr Mason proposed an addendum to the minutes of 26th May, ie Item 2 “Cooption of new councillors” be expanded and the following sentence added: “Dr Lott and Mrs Shaw duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Register of Members’ Interests”. This was seconded by Mr Norman, all in favour. The minutes having been previously circulated were signed as a true record.

5. Matters Arising

· Future caravan rallies: one comment had been received following the item in Upton News requesting feedback on the caravan rally held at Easter. The Parish Council agreed to restrict the use of the Recreation Ground to one weekend caravan rally per year.

· George & Dragon football team. Dr Lott reported that the George & Dragon do not wish to pursue using the Recreation Ground for their matches. It was noted that a number of youths are meeting for football practise. Dr Lott to ask these players whether they would like to use the nets. RL

A number of cars are being parked in Station Road as the gates remain locked during school holidays. Mr Brown will look into this. MB

· John Deere ride on mower, 3rd party RTA insurance is now in place. Clerk to arrange licence plates via DVLA. Clerk

6. PCSO’s Report

PCSO Gardner reported that additional patrols were being carried out around Wattle Cottage Farm due to theft of property. Attention is being paid to vulnerable elderly people in the village.

7. County Councillor’s Report – in Councillor Stewart Lilley’s absence there was no report.

8. District Councillor’s Report

Mr Farrell reported on specific planning issues. An officer from The Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has revisited the field behind the George & Dragon. He was of the view that since the portable buildings have not been moved for some time the Vale’s enforcement officer might be persuaded that there is sufficient evidence that theses buildings were not “chattels” and should not have been given permission.

Fieldside Cottage – planning appeal. Mr Farrell said that this could be a lengthy process. He felt that the Enforcement Officer should be urged to proceed.

Hitherto: Mr Farrell said that he had looked at the plans and could see no way of getting the plans overturned.

The Vale’s Local Plan has become a pressing issue as the current plan expires in 2011 and something needs to replace it. He said that the Local Development Framework is ongoing. The new Government’s top down approach to planning is on the way out.

9. Villagers’ Forum

Coffin Way:

Mr M Shayler (Blewbury Parish Councillor) said that Blewbury PC is keen to see their section of the path improved. It was agreed that Mr Shayler and Mr Norman will liaise with Mr Bucknell the tenant farmer. SN/MS

Since our last meeting Mr Norman had spoken to Mr M Sumner (Footpaths Officer, OCC), who did not want the profile of the path changed since it is an ancient route. Mr Sumner agreed to contact the farmer about leveling the existing path.

10. Village Hall:

· Regularisation of Land ownership – nothing to report. Clerk to contact Mr Simpson. Clerk

· Ongoing work around hall:

Resurfacing Existing Car Park: Mr Brown was pleased to report that the resurfacing of the car park had been completed, weeds around car park and the hall had been treated with 2 doses of weedkiller and white lines have been put down by Mr de Wilde and Mr Brown.

Extension to Car Park: the material is on order and will be laid by a working party as soon as it rains and the ground has softened and the grass begins to grow. Surplus soil to be removed. MB/RL

Parish Council Archives: these need to be brought to the hall for storage in due course. Clerk

11. Planning

For decision:

UPT/19353/1 – Erection of a front entrance porch at The Paddock, Chilton Road. The plans were examined and no objections raised. Clerk to notify the Vale accordingly. Clerk

For noting:

· UPT/19316/5 – Fieldside Cottage – Planning Inspector’s dismissal of appeal

· UPT/20226/2 – Erection of 2 chalet bungalows, Hitherto – permitted 17th June 2010

· UPT/21068/1 – 5 Fieldside – permission granted (8th July 2010)

· UPT/832/6 – Erection of general purpose agricultural building, Inghams Farm – permission granted (5th July 2010)

· Tree preservation order on Silver Birch at Methodist Church

The above items were noted.

12. Status reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility

i) Roads and Footpaths

Mr Norman reported that the contract is now in place for Upton Parish Council to maintain village footpaths, all of which are under control. Mr Brown reported that he had discussed Common Lane with Mr Bucknell who has offered to tidy up the overgrowing brambles. Mr Norman was asked to again get in touch with Mr Sumner regarding unlocking the gate at the rear of the George & Dragon. SN

ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground

Dr Lott said that Cyclox’s offer to improve the cycle jumps has not materialised. A discussion ensued on the best way of maintaining the jumps that are attracting a number of young people. Mr Brown felt that the lads and their dads, along with a member of the Parish Council, should be encouraged to take ownership of this area and to keep it tidy. The provision of a litter bin was discussed, also posting a notice setting ground rules. Mr Lott agreed to talk with lads and dads about keeping the area tidy. Clerk to investigate cost of post mounted litter bin. RL Clerk

iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area

Mr Mason has 3 parishioners volunteering to be members of a sub-committee to investigate the possibility of obtaining grants that he believes are available for a major update to our play equipment. He proposed that a survey be carried out to establish the sort of equipment that the village children would like to see installed. It was agreed to put a gate in the fence on the West side of the hall at some time in the near future. Mr Brown will investigate the cost of the gate and ironmongery. DM MB

iv) Communications – nothing to report

v) Volunteer Group

The car park extension and clearing Post Office Lane remain as jobs on the list.

vi) N.A.G. Nothing to report

vii) UKAEA Local Liaison Committee

Mr Brown asked the clerk to retrieve the file from Mrs Seeling. Clerk

viii) Parish Transport Rep

Correspondence has been received stating that due to reorganisation the next meeting of PTRs has been deferred, date to be notified.


Mrs Shaw asked the clerk to keep her informed of the date for the next UVHAT meeting. Clerk

13. Finance

i) Approval and Acceptance of Annual Return

The audit has now been completed by BDO, with the comment that there was an error of £1

in the figures due to rounding. Mr Norman proposed that the Parish Council approve and accept the annual return. This was seconded by Mr Brown, with all in favour.

ii) Payments since last meeting:

G & I Ayres (resurfacing car park) – £1500

Boddingtons Ltd (material for car park extension) – £2068

Vale White Horse DC (emptying 2 dog bins, 1 Jan – 31 March 2010) – £102.50

Vale White Horse DC (emptying 2 dog bins, 1 Apr – 30 June 2010) – £102.50

BDO (audit fee) – £646.25

Clerk’s Salary – £321

Mike Brown – £281.21 Petrol, Turfs, Paint and Printing.

The above payments were agreed

Receipts since last meeting:

Bank interest May 45p, June 42p

June VAT Repayment – £47.60

These receipts were noted.

14. Correspondence recently received

· Vale WHDC – Arrangements for distribution of new bins

· Mobile Shop weekly visit, commencing November – notification from Becci Cox

· Vale’s Chairman’s wish to visit village activities – Chairman has been invited to the fete.

· Vale’s list of seminars “Preparing for emergencies – a community approach”

· Parish News from the Rural Service

· CPRE May/June Briefing

· OALC June & July edition

· ORCC July bulletin

· New Countryside Access – guideline for local councils

· Vale Chairman’s Awards: nominations are requested for this annual award.

The above correspondence is in circulation.

15. Date of next meeting: The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk

Tel: 01235 850486

2nd August 2010