Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 16th October 2010


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held in the Village Hall on Saturday 16th October 2010

Present: Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Dr R Lott, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (Clerk)

1. Apologies received from Mr M Brown, Mr D Mason & Mr S Norman

2. Declaration of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting (please refer to the notes at the end of agenda). Reminder to Members of the requirement to complete and return the Register of Members’ Interests and the Gifts/Hospitality Register. None recorded

3. Planning Application

(i) UPT/368/3-X – proposed erection of two dwellings in the garden of Kameki, Chilton Road, Upton with proposed new access. Applicant Mr M Brown.

The plans were examined and discussed. In conclusion it was agreed that the

the Parish Council did not object to this application, however in our response to the Vale we request the following issues be taken into account:

Given the proposal for two 4 bedroom properties at the rear of Kameki,

concern was raised about:

The increased amount of vehicles onto the already busy Chilton Road which is a through route for traffic to Harwell Campus and the A34. The proposed new access is in close proximity to the junction of Chilton Road and the A417 which the Parish Council cited as “a hazardous junction”. (Planning Application UPT/7108/2 refers.)

One property on the plot would be preferable and would be more in keeping with the rural setting as befitting of the village and the proximity of the site to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The planning permission sought is only outline and the Parish Council was concerned that the proposed two dwellings could be altered significantly prior to final construction, potentially having a greater impact on the area and the issues raised above.

The Clerk to respond to the Vale accordingly. Clerk

The meeting closed at 10.55 a.m.

Clare Lightfoot (Clerk)

27th October 2010